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RSE Victory!

RSE Victory!


The campaign to delay the introduction of RSE in schools, led by a number of pro-family organisations, including Parent Power, has borne fruit. Parent Power and other campaigners argued that the closure of schools due to Covid-19 had severely disrupted the process of mandatory school consultations with parents, so that parents in too many cases were being denied their right to make their voice heard over what their children would be taught in RSE.

The Department for Education has now postponed full implementation of the new and controversial RSE curriculum until the Summer Term 2021. Until that time flexibility will now be granted to schools over whether or not they decide to deliver the new subjects. NOW therefore is the time to write to your schools, their Heads and Governors, to ensure your legal rights are honoured – namely your right to be consulted, to have your values and beliefs respected, and your right to withdraw your children from unacceptable classes.

The LGBT pseudo-sexual ideologues have at last suffered a number of significant reversals of fortune – including the withdrawal of several different ‘Trans Toolkits’ for schools, the Government’s proposals for outlawing irreversible transgender surgery for under-18s, and changes to misleading NHS guidance which falsely claimed that the effects of associated hormone treatment for children, including the use of puberty blockers, are ‘fully reversible’.

This sensible action by the DfE not only allows for your right as a parent to be consulted over your child’s education to be respected, but it also gives you time to find allies and test the calibre of your child’s school. Will the school honour the law or not? Will it seek to groom and sexualise your child with inappropriate teaching, especially in primary schools? This victory shows we can have an impact in our fight for the defence of our children. Never give up! Claim your legal rights! Our children are always worth it!


In April, Parent Power supported the campaign urging The Secretary of State for Education to “Press Pause on RSE”

See Below:


Postpone implementation of the new RSE Regulations to allow proper consultation.

In light of the current closure of schools under measures taken to tackle and reduce the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the consultation required under law between schools and parents for the drawing up of policy for Relationships Education, and Relationships and Sex Education – that becomes compulsory by law from September this year – has been unable to take place.

The new Regulations have already provoked widespread controversy, with many parents expressing concern over the damaging and highly explicit sexual material children will be taught from age 3. In particular, many parents have objected to the normalisation of same sex relationships and gender fluidity and their promotion to their children, at an age when it is proven they lack the emotional and intellectual maturity to process such concepts. Parents say this is not education, but the deliberate promotion of an ideological and political agenda by LGBT campaigners and activists and, as such, is indoctrination.

It is vital that the implementation of these Regulations be postponed until such time as life has returned to normal, in order to allow time for proper consultation and review, and so that they are not allowed to slip through unchallenged.


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