RSE, Gender Choice, Abuse

RSE, Gender Choice, Abuse

According to a recent post on Mumsnet by someone working at an unnamed high school in the UK, out of some 160 pupils in the year nine group, 9 girls identified as boys. Over the course of lockdown, however, seven of them have now ‘detransitioned’, and one is considering it. Was this because the girls were isolated from peer group pressure and there was no affirmation from teachers, speculated the author? She ended with the comment, ‘It really is infectious’ (

In 2017, The Telegraph ran an article saying that the previous year a total of 2,016 children aged between 3-18 had been referred to the Gender Identity Service (GIDS) based at The Tavistock Clinic in London, the NHS’ only facility offering transgender treatment to children in England. Five years before, the number had been 314. Of the 2,016 total, 84 had been between the ages of 3 -7. In 2011, the number was 20 ( This year, 2020, the number of referrals for England, Wales and Northern Ireland currently stands at 2,728 ( The numbers are increasing, apparently limited only by the capacity of The Tavistock to cope.

Growing numbers of young people who have received treatment, however, are reportedly so unhappy that they are now seeking to reverse the process – to detransition. Keira Bell, for example, who underwent gender reassignement at age 16, is now suing the Tavistock, saying that she was rushed into treatment. “I should have been challenged on the proposals or the claims that I was making for myself,” she says ( She is on record as saying that she feels the treatment has ruined her life.

In apparent confirmation of her claims, over the last three years 35 clinicians have reportedly resigned from the Tavistock, claiming that they have been prevented from properly assessing patients for fear of being labelled transphobic ( Many children were wrongly diagnosed, they say – with conditions such as autism, mental illness, abuse, and same-sex attraction, being entirely overlooked. Instead the children were rushed into receiving inappropriate life-changing treatment – and all to appease transgender activists in their accusations of hatred and bigotry, with their wholly unfounded allegations that if children were left imprisoned by their mismatched bodies, the result would be suicide! A claim not supported, by the way, by any data, though there are reportedly high rates of attempted suicide amongst those who have transitioned (

These children are being used as guinea pigs in a dangerous social experiment aimed at ‘smashing heteronormativity’ and normalising a condition up to now classified as mental illness ( And society, too gutless to speak out and defend those who cannot defend themselves, is complicit in feeding the lie that you can choose your gender and change sex. Worse, we are colluding in promoting a manipulative and poisonous creed via education to children who are far too young to understand and evaluate for themselves what they are being taught.

Whitehall mandarins would do well to remember that, though by age 2 children can recognise physical differences, they have limited comprehension of what this actually means and don’t develop a fixed concept of gender till around 7. Below that age, for example, they may believe that simply dressing in opposite sex clothing and joining in ‘opposite sex’ play, makes them that sex ( Teaching them, therefore, from age 3 or 4 that they can ‘choose’ their gender and change sex is not just confusing, but is a form of abuse, interfering with a child’s natural development. Small wonder that the number of children claiming to be gender dysphoric is spiralling out of control.

The truth is, such pernicious teaching is at base ideological exploitation, aimed at normalising and embedding LGB and transsexual values. It has nothing to do with child protection and safeguarding – and we should be ashamed. The ideologues have seized control – and we have let them.

Today, as we suffer the effects of Covid 19, the country is tentatively emerging from lockdown. But we have allowed free rein to an equally devastating and life threatening virus – one that spreads amongst children like wildfire and against which they have no defence. How long will we allow this damaging insanity to continue? How long will society buckle under intimidation from a minority group striving to overturn traditional values and impose ideological control – which allows no dissent?

Campaigning organisations such as Stonewall and Mermaids, openly committed to the ideological promotion of LGBT life-style choices and values, should be banned from our schools – and all use of their materials, as a matter of urgency, should be prohibited. Whatever weasel justification put forward, their rationale and aim is not protection, but indoctrination. As such, they are dangerous – as evidenced by the Keira Bells of this world. No one wants to promote intolerance and discrimination – but actually this is precisely what is being taught, because this teaching discriminates against child innocence and normal development, imposing sexualised views that adversely influence behaviour.

The bottom line is, every child should be valued and loved for what he or she is. Without exception. Every child should be affirmed and supported as they develop – but let it end there.

Children are not just highly impressionable – and therefore vulnerable – but, as they test the boundaries of who and what they are, they feed off each other, seeking approval from their peers and mirroring group behaviours. This has always been the case. It is a part of growing up – together with teenage rebellion and angst. Children can be ‘difficult’, and they sometimes make unwise decisions from which they have to be rescued. But never before in the history of society have the grown ups been so complicit in encouraging self-destructive behaviours. So VfJUK says again – Let there be an end. Every child matters. Every child is infinitely precious – let us protect and support all alike as they develop and grow, but let us not push them into behaviours and life-style choices that they may come bitterly to regret, in a misguided attempt to reconfigure society.



This article is reproduced by kind permission of Voice for Justice UK

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