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Parents: the Enemy?

Parents: The enemy of their children Parents are once again in the firing line for wanting to protect their children from teaching on relationships and sex with which they don’t agree. The latest is that parents who object to their children being taught about LGBT relationships could be a threat to the mental wellbeing of…

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Our Kids Being Taught What?!

Our Kids Are Being Taught What?!  – Part 2 Conference – Saturday 22nd February 2020 ‘But what can I possibly say?’ Evidence and arguments about sex, gender and relationships: Getting the message across to the next generation. TIME & PLACE:  10.30-5.30 (registration and coffee from 9.30) at St Luke’s, Ryfold Road, Wimbledon Park SW19 8BZ. ABOUT:  This…

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Syphilis,gonorrhoea bombshell!

Syphilis and gonorrhoea infections at an all time high – now there’s a surprise Congratulations to the Department for Education! Since the introduction of statutory Sex Education in 1993, they have managed to push STI rates amongst teenagers from almost zero, to accounting now for almost half of all new infections. According to a report…

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Church of England RSE Charter for Schools Last week, after publication of our open letter, the Church of England issued its new Charter for schools delivering Relationships, Sex and Health Education. The following is our response. For the nation’s young, Relationships and Sex Education teaching in this country has been an unmitigated disaster. FACTS: Epidemic…

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A Call for More!

Since the introduction of the new RSE Regulations, which become mandatory from September 2020, controversy has raged over the normalisation and promotion of LGBT behaviours and life-style choices in Primary Schools. Parents have justifiably complained that such teaching prematurely sexualises children and is inappropriate, as well as deeply confusing and with serious health risks. But…

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Ask Questions @ #GE2019

Suggested questions to ask Parliamentary candidates 1. It is essential that schools consult with parents in a robust way and that schools shape their RSE policy having taken parental concerns on board. All too often consultation is simply a cosmetic exercise. Will you intervene to ensure that schools in your constituency are taking their duty…