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This misguided meddling in home education

PARENTS in Britain have historically decided the method and manner of their child’s education; it has been in the child’s best interests for parents to make primary decisions about their needs. This freedom has enabled many parents to home educate, believing that the benefits to doing so would outweigh the significant financial, career and social sacrifices they’d make to facilitate it. Research shows that home-educated children often academically…

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Resources to trust

Calling all parents and teachers. Want to find teaching resources you can trust? Look no further! Relationships Matter – Lovewise has just released new resources for use in primary school Relationships Education! ‘Relationships Matter’ fulfils the Government’s Statutory Guidance for this new subject in the basic curriculum in primary schools in England. This is a…

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Faith in Home-Schooling?

Parents and Education Our surrounding culture is changing and the current health crisis is a window of opportunity to reflect on parental responsibilities towards the education or their children. Forty years ago, my wife and I realised that we should take responsibility for the education of our six daughters, then ranging from six to fourteen…

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Positive Choice to Home School

The Positive Choice to Home School — What Lockdown Has Taught Me.  Like most parents, I’ve always wanted my children to do well with their education. I have always taken great interest in my children’s development. Each evening I’ve discussed with my children what they’ve learned at school that day, and asked their teachers at…

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Stay-at-home Ideas

Stay-at-Home Ideas for Families Who would have thought, four months ago, that so many of us would be spending so much time at home? For some this has been a time of isolation and loneliness, for others a welcome break from the busyness of everyday life. Homeschooling is no longer a choice made by the…

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Home Ed Parents Sidelined!

Home Educating Parents Sidelined! On 10th  April 2018, the Department for Education (DfE) published significant new draft Guidance for Home Education in England. This all seemed very reasonable, with the guidance subject to a public consultation ending on 2nd July:    https://consult.education.gov.uk/school-frameworks/home-education-call-for-evidence-and-revised-dfe-a/ However, there was one major omission in the Government’s approach to this matter…

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Good News of Home Ed

The good news of home education As part of the media attack on home education, The Telegraph published an article recently about twelve year old Lilian Hardy. Not many people will have heard of her before the article was published. She hit the headlines because her local council, Westminster, decided to issue a School Attendance…

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Home Education update

The press hysteria surrounding home education shows no sign of abating – if anything, it seems to be getting worse. Following the introduction of a Private Members’ Bill by Lord Soley last autumn, which attempts to introduce registration and enforce home inspections, pressure has been building from a range of sources. The Times appears to…

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Off-rolling and Exclusion

The dubious practice of off-rolling Ofsted has announced that it is to conduct an investigation into exclusion figures, in particular trying to establish why two regions in the north-east (Yorkshire and the Humber) have higher rates of excluded pupils than anywhere else in England. Six of the 10 worst offending areas are situated in the…

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Home Ed common sense?

Common sense on home education? The Welsh Assembly recently announced a consultation on elective home education. The Children’s Commissioner has been calling for compulsory registration and an annual inspection for all home educated children. Everyone thought that this was going to happen. Instead, Kirsty Williams AM, who is the Cabinet Secretary for Education, decided that…

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