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The Government and Family Dismemberment

In the Government’s plan for ‘no-fault’ divorce, either party may send their marriage to the tip without giving a reason. The judiciary are leading deconstructionists. Way back, President of the Supreme Court Baroness Hale (formerly barrister Brenda Hoggett), was opining how we should “be considering whether the legal institution of marriage continues to serve any…

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A Moral Vision for RSE

Statutory Relationships and Sex Education: Exploring the moral complexities   In recent months Western culture has experienced a renewed crisis in how we relate to each other sexually. The #MeToo Campaign has burst open a tide of anger and long-held resentment about how individuals have experienced the sexual responses and behaviours of others. But in a Radio Times…

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Conservative Councillors demand the Government ditch Politically Correct Education Policies

CONSERVATIVE COUNCILLORS DEMAND THE GOVERNMENT DITCH POLITICALLY CORRECT EDUCATION POLICIES (Source: Coalition for Marriage) 87 per cent say voters want the party to focus on the economy and Brexit rather than socially progressive causes 79 per cent believe parents, not schools, should teach children about adult relationships 75 per cent want schools to promote traditional…