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RSE, Gender Choice, Abuse

According to a recent post on Mumsnet by someone working at an unnamed high school in the UK, out of some 160 pupils in the year nine group, 9 girls identified as boys. Over the course of lockdown, however, seven of them have now ‘detransitioned’, and one is considering it. Was this because the girls…

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Why do we pay Stonewall?

Why do we pay Stonewall to strike fear into our children? THE LGBT charity Stonewall has produced home learning materials for children to use during lockdown. Its contents are further evidence of Stonewall’s ideological shift towards promoting a narrative of ‘inner gender identity’ which has no backing in science, undermines our language, harms women, and…

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A Little Bit of Sanity

At last, a little bit of sanity – but it needs to go further! At a meeting of the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee on 23rd April, Liz Truss, Secretary of State for Trade and Minister for Women and Equalities, told MPs that she would shortly be announcing changes banning children from undergoing sex-change surgery below…

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Tories trans row back?

Are the Tories starting to row back at last over trans madness? In the first signs that this government may take a different line on transgenderism to its predecessors, it is being reported that it will drop plans to make it easier for people legally to change gender. While the government’s formal response to a…

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Ask Questions @ #GE2019

Suggested questions to ask Parliamentary candidates 1. It is essential that schools consult with parents in a robust way and that schools shape their RSE policy having taken parental concerns on board. All too often consultation is simply a cosmetic exercise. Will you intervene to ensure that schools in your constituency are taking their duty…

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No Outsiders – Unless you Believe in God

The current, controversial programme called “No Outsiders” being promoted in various schools has led to a storm of protest from parents. It has been the most divisive single educational measure in recent years. Parents have removed their children from schools; staff have lost their jobs for protesting against it on behalf of their own children;…

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Suffer the little children

At the end of its draft Guidance into Relationships and Sex and Relationships Education, the Government helpfully details what it describes as ‘… the many excellent resources already available, free of charge, which schools can use to deliver the new curriculum. Under Sex Education, it includes: Sexual health and relationships: range of resources available at https://sexwise.fpa.org.uk/…

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State-Promoted Indoctrination

State-promoted ideological indoctrination  In a speech at the LGBT Pride reception at Downing Street on July 3rd, Prime Minister Theresa May proudly announced, ‘We will continue our investment in programmes to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools, protecting LGBT students and making acceptance and understanding the default.’  She went on to say, ‘A…

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Petition to protect Children

Prohibit all medical treatment for gender reassignment below the age of 18 Please sign Voice for Justice UK’s latest petition to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, calling for age restrictions on invasive gender reassignment treatment. With increasing reports of people seeking reversal of gender reassignment surgery…

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