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Uphold right of withdrawal

Uphold right of withdrawal

Protect children from indoctrination — Uphold the parental right of withdrawal

We all want to keep children safe, and there is much in the new Relationships and Sex Education Regulations that is good. However, the promotion of politically motivated LGBT inclusive teaching to children as young as 3 (despite what is being claimed, not mandated in the Regulations) is interfering with normal child development, and putting the nation’s young at clear risk of psychological and physical harm. Such teaching is aimed not at protecting children, but at their indoctrination into acceptance of culturally rebranded values that are opposed to traditional morality.

Parents, as primary educators, must retain the absolute right to withdraw their children from teaching in conflict with their religious or philosophical beliefs – as laid down in Art 1 Protocol 2 of the ECHR (, incorporated into UK law by The Human Rights Act 1998, Schedule I, Part II, Article 2.

Over the last decade, since schools began to promote gender choice to children as young as 3, with picture books such as My Princess Boy and Maurice Micklethwaite and the tangerine dress, we have seen a 4,000% increase in child referrals for gender reassignment treatment ( There is increasing evidence that many of these children will subsequently bitterly regret their decision. For example, Keira Bell, now suing the Tavistock Clinic, is on record as saying that the treatment ‘ruined her life’ (

Since 2015 there has been an eightfold increase in teenagers identifying as bisexual, marking a jump from 2 to 16% ( The numbers are increasing. Stonewall, who have hailed the figures as tremendous progress in their campaign for trans-equality, previously posted on their website “We need more focus on trans issues and better recognition of non-binary genders, as well as the right to self-define one’s gender without unnecessary medicalization.” ( The encouragement to sexual experimentation in RSE classes – including such things as oral and anal sex, fisting, felching and the like – heightens the risk of contracting one or more of 32 STIs (already at epidemic level amongst young people), and increases susceptibility to a variety of cancers, including anal and oesophageal cancer, numbers of which have seen a sharp increase in recent years.

Such teaching is grooming and child abuse and, as such, must be banned. Parents must have the right to withdraw their children from teaching that is in conflict with their religious beliefs and which causes harm. 

Please sign the new petition calling on Government to prioritise child protection, and to ban the ideological promotion of lifestyle choices and behaviours that prematurely sexualise and interfere with a child’s natural development, putting them at risk. Join us in calling for retention of the absolute right of parents to withdraw their children from any and all such classes.

To the Secretary of State for Education –
the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE

Protect children from damaging indoctrination —
Uphold the parental right of withdrawal 

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