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Petition – Twitter, Stop suppressing free speech

Petition – Twitter, Stop suppressing free speech

Reinstate the accounts for VfJUK, ParentPower, 40 Days UK, and RSE Authentic.

Last week, without warning and with no explanation, Twitter suspended the accounts of Voice for Justice UK (VfJUK), ParentPower, 40 Days UK, and RSE Authentic. They have so far failed to respond to requests for an explanation and for reinstatement. All four organizations are conservative with a small ‘c’ and support traditional family values in education. All four seek to protect children from abuse and exploitation. VfJUK also seeks to uphold Christian belief and freedom of speech.

None of these organizations have at any time expressed or endorsed views contrary to or prohibited by Twitter’s terms of service. On the contrary, while supporting the family and upholding traditional moral values, all four respect individual freedoms and the right of choice. In education, as a part of safeguarding, all four campaign for children to be protected from exposure to materials that will cause demonstrable harm.

Twitter has apparently decided that the expression of such views is unacceptable, and that child protection is unimportant.

Given the international profile of Twitter, it has the appearance of a neutral forum for the free expression of views. However, this unprovoked suspension would appear to be clear evidence of intolerance and bigotry against religion and traditional family values. By such unwarranted and unjustified action, Twitter is opening itself to accusations of intolerance, bigotry, and anti-religious bias. If that is in fact its position, it should say so. If not, it should be open to all.

We call on Twitter to uphold free speech and for immediate reinstatement of all four accounts.

Sign the Petition Here.

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