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Teaching Assistant dismissed after expressing his views on marriage.

Teaching Assistant dismissed after expressing his views on marriage.

A teaching assistant was ordered to leave an Anglican school, The Bishop of Llandaff Church High School in Wales, after he was prompted to provide his views on marriage during an equality training seminar. The workshop was attended by staff only, no students were present, and, although staff were told this was a diversity and inclusion workshop, and that they were in a “safe space to express views,” Ben Dybowski was fired after presenting his opinion — an opinion that he thought would also be in line with the school’s values, since it is a Christian school. Ben asked the speaker how they defined “discrimination”, and whether some of his views would be considered “discriminative”. He then listed his three opinions – “that marriage should be between a man and a woman, that human life began at conception and should be protected, and that he is critical of some aspects of Islam.” The headmaster asked to speak with Ben the following day, where he was told that some of his colleagues had complained and said they had felt offended by Ben’s opinions. The headteacher reported Ben to the Education Workforce Council (the professional regulator for teachers in Wales), and then escorted Ben off the school premises.

In an interview with Calvin Robinson for GB News, Ben likens “his being escorted out of the building and waiting for his personal things to be fetched” to his experience in Poland during his youth under the oppression of communism. The video of Ben’s interview can be seen here.

Leading religious and human rights barrister, Paul Diamond, is helping Ben to take legal action against the school on the grounds of unfair dismissal. Paul Diamond has a long track record of supporting freedom of religion, speech and expression in a number of high-profile cases, and has also defended the sanctity of human life in cases involving abortion and gendercide. He has been a defender of parental rights, supporting parents in Birmingham and Wales in separate cases that challenged children as young as 3 being taught LGBT ideology; and also one of the barristers involved in the Alfie Evans case, and the barrister to the “Keep Sunday Special Campaign”.

Ben is also launching a major campaign to end discrimination against those professing Christian beliefs and views. He is appealing for support both for his legal fight and his new campaign, which you can provide by visiting his website from this link – Ben Dybowski | Teacher sacked from an Anglican high school for daring to express Christian views.

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