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ParentPower School Alert!

ParentPower School Alert!
In order to help parents decide on which school to send their children, ParentPower has now posted online a much-needed and developing map of schools using Stonewall anti-bullying resources.
According to official figures from the DfE, in 2018, 17% of children aged between 10-15 were on the receiving end of bullying that left them frightened or upset (
 ).  This is a shocking figure and it is beyond dispute that bullying can wreck lives and psychologically scar a child for life, so that every school should have an anti-bullying policy in place, where they teach pupils to treat each other with respect.  However, the causes of bullying are many and various, and Stonewall resources focus exclusively on homophobic bullying.  The primary effect of these resources is not to combat bullying, but rather to prioritise LGBT behaviours and adult life-style choices so as to normalize and embed them in the minds of children, thus leading to an attitudinal shift in society.
FACTS:  Apart from personal appearance, a 2010 Government report on the characteristics of victims in schools identified the main causes of bullying as: Religion; Special educational needs; Disability; Being in care; Low socio-economic status; Family structure (especially step families); Changing school; and factors such as receiving free school meals.   It is significant that numbers recorded for homophobic and transphobic bullying were so small as not to be included.  A more recent report by Ditch the Label amended that position, reporting that 7% of bullied children identified the cause as their sexuality ( ).  But even so, when set against other causes, this means that statistically only around 0.5% of bullying overall is homophobic.You would not think this, however, to look at the resources put out by LGBT campaigning groups Stonewall and Mermaids – both recommended by the DfE and widely used in schools across the country, including faith schools.  Indeed, from these materials you would imagine that the majority of bullying is trans or homophobic.   By their own admission, however, these organizations have a political agenda, aimed at ending so-called discrimination and making all education LGBT compliant
(e.g.;  The misrepresentation is therefore deliberate, aimed at normalizing LGBT values while children are still too young to question or evaluate for themselves what they are being taught.

If you want to avoid what amounts to deliberate indoctrination, ParentPower’s advice is to avoid these schools.

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