Trust Parents Rally

Join us to rally for ‘RSE opt-out’

Time: 4-6 pm
Venue: Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London SW1A 2
Why: A recent petition calling for retention of the parental right to withdraw a child from Relationships and Sex Education has attracted over 100,000 signatures.  This is to be debated in Parliament on Monday 25th February at 4.30 pm.
The reason it matters:

    1. One of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Western Europe


    1. One of the highest teenage abortion rates in Western Europe


    1. Teenage STIs at epidemic level, including syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, etc etc


    1. Rates for Child-on-child sex abuse soaring


    1. 4000% increase in referrals for gender transitioning treatment


Even though the issue might seem small, it has profound consequences. What our children learn when they are young will form and shape them into who they become later in life.

We believe that parents are best-placed to make the call on how to teach their children about relationships and sex education, and lessons in schools often carry with them a promotion of LGBT ideology and other forms of sexual immorality. The Rev. Canon J. John supports this campaign: “The government has clearly decided that from the earliest possible age every child in England must be subjected to teaching on sex and gender that most Christians (and many people of other faiths) would find objectionable.”

Sex Ed up to now has been a complete disaster!

Please, if you can, join us outside Parliament on Monday, 25th February, 4.00 – 6.00 pm!

Let’s make our voice heard!

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