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The Importance of School Governors

The Importance of School Governors

The importance of school governors.

The role of governor at a school is a vital one. Many schools are short of governors and are often looking for parent governors. This can be a very rewarding role and is vital to the smooth running of a school. Governors have great influence in a school as a group – including helping to appoint staff. Governors also have a key role in deciding some policies including the relationships and sex education policy for their school.  Amongst the roles and responsibilities of a school governor are:

  • the ethos and vision of the school
  • clear and ambitious strategic priorities and targets for the school
  • that all children, including those with special needs, have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • the school’s budget, including the expenditure of the pupil premium allocation
  • the school’s staffing structure

If you want to become a school governor, the best place to start is to enquire at your child’s own school or the school nearest to you. If they don’t have vacancies please visit which is a matching service for volunteers wishing to become school governors.


CLIVE IRESON – Director, Association of Christian Teachers

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