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Conservative Councillors demand the Government ditch Politically Correct Education Policies

CONSERVATIVE COUNCILLORS DEMAND THE GOVERNMENT DITCH POLITICALLY CORRECT EDUCATION POLICIES (Source: Coalition for Marriage) 87 per cent say voters want the party to focus on the economy and Brexit rather than socially progressive causes 79 per cent believe parents, not schools, should teach children about adult relationships 75 per cent want schools to promote traditional…

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Call to Action: Please be Ready to Respond to Forthcoming Government Consultation on Relationships and Sex Education (rse).

CALL TO ACTION: PLEASE BE READY TO RESPOND TO FORTHCOMING GOVERNMENT CONSULTATION ON RELATIONSHIPS AND SEX EDUCATION (RSE). The aim of compulsory sex education has been pursued as part of a concerted campaign in recent years, spearheaded by a powerful and well-funded sex education lobby, and supported by large sections of the media and, within…

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Sex and Relationships Education – have the Mandarins got it Wrong?

Sex and Relationships Education – have the mandarins got it wrong? The aim of all sex and relationships education is to protect children and, so far as necessary, inform children, arming them against sexual coercion and enabling them to form healthy, non-abusive relationships.  Yet far from protecting children, the most obvious fruits of government policy…

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