Stop Transgender Indoctrination in Primary Schools

Stop Transgender Indoctrination in Primary Schools

ParentPower is supporting parents in Norfolk whose persistent complaints about an explicit age-inappropriate Relationships, Sex and Health Education resource, which promotes transgender ideology, have fallen on deaf ears.

The resource for teachers, RSE Solutionis provided by Educator Solutions, a trading arm of Norfolk County Council, and is used by numerous schools in the county, including faith schools. Parents, whose children attended a Church of England primary school in Norfolk, which uses this resource, were shocked to discover what they were planning to teach their young children.

Norfolk’s RSE programme teaches 7-year-old children that they are only born “like a boy”, or “like a girl”, and that they need to choose their gender from options including “boy, girl, and not sure”.  8-year-olds are taught that we live in a “heteronormative” world, but they can be “Pangender”, “Transgender”, and “Cisgender”, amongst others.  The term “heterosexual” is not included as an option for sexual preference, giving children, in consequence, the impression that such minority sexual identities are the norm. The resource also uses sexual and age-inappropriate images for teaching young children.

The CofE primary school had neither properly consulted nor made it easy for parents to view the material, and the schools’ RSHE teacher even accused the parents of bigotry when they enquired about the extent to which the resource promoted critical race theory and gender ideology.  These parents were then forced to undergo a protracted battle with their children’s school. A letter was sent to the Headteacher, asking why radical gender ideology needed to be taught to children so young and why it was being presented to them as fact, especially as the Department for Education (DfE) does not even require this to be taught in primary schools.  The response the parents received was very dismissive, and their request for an independent evaluation of the RSHE resource was rejected.

The parents then lodged a formal complaint with the DfE; however, despite sending three follow-up letters over the course of the next 6 months, the DfE has not yet even assigned a case officer or commenced the investigation.  A letter received from the parents’ local MP promised only to pass on their concerns. Ofsted claimed they could not act and instead passed the complaint back to the local authority (i.e., Norfolk County Council —the same local authority whose resource the complaint was about). Despite two press releases that were picked up by the Telegraph, the MailOnline, and GB News, the school’s leadership continued their refusal to collaborate or compromise.

This account of the frustrating and time-consuming battle the parents have had to endure demonstrates how the education system is currently stacked against parents trying to protect their children. The case also demonstrates a shocking lack of accountability within the system; with the local authority, the DfE, the Church of England, OFSTED and the local MP all reluctant to address the parents’ legitimate concerns. Parental rights have been trampled on and those whose duty it is to protect the children entrusted to them are not listening. Unfortunately, many schools across all areas of the UK are also using similar RSHE materials.


SIGN THE PETITION NOW! to tell the education authorities that enough is enough —such sexually explicit RSHE programmes, promoting radical gender ideology, must be withdrawn from primary schools.


Whilst this petition is focused on the explicit and inappropriate RSHE resources being used in Norfolk, similar materials are in schools across the country. Therefore, we would urge anyone who shares our concerns to support this petition. You do not need to live in Norfolk to do so. If one local authority can be persuaded to positively address parental concerns, this will set a precedent for others to follow suit.





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