Government in a spin over ever-forthcoming trans guidance?

Government in a spin over ever-forthcoming trans guidance?

Is the Government getting disorientated over its ever-forthcoming trans guidance?

A disturbing trend in the past few years has seen the increasing number of schools allowing students to change their ‘gender’ within school, and in many cases without informing or consulting the children’s parents. Although Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, had promised to have a decision with regard to gender issues in place for the last summer academic term (April-July 2023), as reported by The Guardian in March this year, and was considering banning gender transitioning in schools entirely; however, are still awaiting a decision.

In May this year, Daily Mail Online discussed a report  which found that one in ten children wanted to change their gender or have already done so. The same report also found “that of the 1,097 parents of 12- to 16-year-olds polled, almost eight in ten (77 per cent) want the legal right to see all sex and relationships education materials”. New guidance from the Government on such issues has been long demanded and anticipated by parents and schools alike, since, presently, all kinds of confusions abound. The national mainstream press has published numerous opinion pieces in recent months on how gender identity should be approached in schools. The Telegraph published an article on the 18th of June that was written by Miriam Cates in response to Children’s commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza’s, call for the Government to issue “gender guidance” for schools. Cate agrees with de Souza that new guidance is essential, particularly since it will force Stonewall and its allies to make their case in public. She goes on to say that, “failing to recognise a child’s biological sex in schools is a safeguarding risk. No girl should have to undress in front of a boy or vice versa and certainly no child should be lied to – or forced to lie – about another child’s sex. No child should be set on a pathway towards permanent sexual dysfunction and infertility by a school”.

According to Daily Mail Online, Liz Truss is in support of the ban; however, Daily Mail Online, reported on the 6th September that Sunak had backed away entirely from the idea of banning gender transitioning in schools, and instead claims that the new bill will suggest that children who want to identify as a different gender will be monitored and their parents will be consulted. The Independent also reported on the 7th September that Sunak may drop the plan to ban gender transitioning.  The Times reported on the 5th September that schools are at legal risk if they let pupils self-identify. The article, by Maria Forstator, explains how campaigners have claimed that “thousands of secondary schools and colleges face potential court claims for allowing children to self-identify their gender or describe themselves as non-binary”. However, also according to The Times, “Research by YouGov revealed that more than 80 percent of teachers said that their schools had students who identified as transgender or non-binary”. The Guardian claims that the Government have backed away from its plan to ban gender transitioning in schools after Sunak’s attorney general advised him that such a ban would be “unlawful”, although it does not detail why Sunak’s attorney general would believe this.

New ‘Trans Guidance’ was set to be issued, which reportedly would state that children were not going to be allowed to change gender in school without parental consent The Daily Sceptic; The Mail Online (22 Sept) and The Guardian (21 Sept) also report on new NHS guidance, which emphasises that schools should “involve parent’s before pupils ‘socially transition’ at school”.

Sunak’s standpoint on gender ideology was made clear when he momentously declared, during the final moments of his speech at the Conservative Party Conference, that “A man is a man and a woman is a woman”, suggesting that he is ideologically set to go ahead with the ban. His opinion was further highlighted in a recent video released by The Independent, featuring Sunak mocking Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, over his own gender confusion. Although the video shows only the feet of people listening to the Prime Minister, Sunak can be heard talking about how busy Ed Davey has been “trying to convince everybody that women have penises” — a comment met by much laughter. Sunak continues saying, “you all know I’m a big fan of everybody studying maths to 18, but it turns out that we need to focus on biology”, which is again met with great amusement.

At the moment, it still officially remains largely down to schools to determine their ‘trans’ policies, though there are increasing concerns that a growing number are being misled in the way they interpret equalities laws, particularly under the influence of outside organisations, such as Stonewall and Mermaids. We will update our readers once a decision has been made, and we hope that the welcome recent backlash against the transgender juggernaut, especially from prominent members of the Conservative party, is enough to prevent gender ideology further destroying our children whilst in the schools that are meant to be educating and caring for them on our behalf.

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