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Stonewall Champions Church Schools

Stonewall Champions Church Schools

We have recently discovered a list of church schools that have been awarded the status of ‘Stonewall Champions’. LGBT pressure group Stonewall officially partnered with the Church of England as far back as 2013, purportedly to tackle ‘homophobic bullying’ in CofE schools. This quickly led to the promotion and imposition of LGBT ideology onto children in their care, often justified through a distortion of Biblical teaching and exaggerated claims about the prevalence of this particular form of bullying — an approach typified by the document Valuing All God’s Children (2014; revised 2019). Although the Catholic Church has not publicly acknowledged such formal ties with Stonewall, the influence of the organisation has been similarly evident in publications from the Catholic Education Service, such as the notorious Made in God’s Image (2017; revised 2018), which, as a previous Parent Power article reported, provides schools with a whole scheme of work to promote acceptance of the LGBT agenda, even instructing adolescent boys and girls that any ‘aversion’ they have to homosexuality may be ‘based on irrational fear’ (p.16).

Parent Power has also previously examined Stonewall’s infiltration and takeover of the UK school system, including the way it has enforced LGBT ideology in many schools through its Stonewalls Champion programme. Through becoming a Stonewall Champion, the individual school has taken an extra step in support of that agenda. Our article ‘Stonewall Champions the LGBT Takeover of Schools – Parent Power lists the recommendations schools need to follow in order to gain Champion status from the organisation. A few examples include: schools having gender-neutral toilets and a gender-neutral uniform policy; making the whole curriculum ‘LGBT-inclusive’ (so every single subject taught regularly incorporates gay and trans content), including RSE, so that pupils learn about the full range of homosexual activities in a way that puts them at least on a par with natural sexual relations between a man and woman. Pupils need also to be directed to where they can obtain every kind of help, encouragement and support to engage in homosexual activity, including free forms of ‘protection’ and treatment (via sexual health clinics etc) to help address or mitigate the natural consequences of such activity.

Our website lists all the church schools within different areas of England that had Stonewall Champion status in 2019 when the list was compiled. Please click here to see if your school is on this list: Stonewall Champions Church Schools – 2019 List – Parent Power. Parents are probably unaware if their child’s faith schools is in support of Stonewall; however, if your school is on the list, we recommend approaching the school and its governing body to see if they are still affiliated to Stonewall, and, if so, to challenge that affiliation. Contact Parent Power if you need assistance in doing this.  Also, if the school is a Catholic school, we would recommend you discuss this with your parish priest, as they are often on the school’s governing board. 

Altogether, there are 353 Stonewall Champion schools in England that we know of, and 171 of those are church schools, according to Stonewall’s data, which was last updated in 2019. The regional breakdown of faith schools listed as Stonewall Champions is particularly interesting, with, perhaps surprisingly, the greatest number in the North. 

18 primary schools are included in the list for the Northeast of England, and 66 schools are listed in the Northwest of England: 51 of these are primary schools and 15 are secondary schools. 

There are 28 schools listed in the Yorkshire and Humberside area: 21 primary schools and 7 secondary schools. 

There are 17 schools in the West Midlands: 8 primary schools, 8 secondary schools, and 1 that covers both primary and secondary education.

There are only 8 Stonewall Champion Christian faith schools (6 primary and 2 secondary) listed in the Greater London area (Note that the Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat CofE School has since changed its name to The Aldgate School). 

There are 21 “Church School Champions” in the East of England: 18 primary schools and 3 secondary schools. Two of these schools are in Peterborough, one is a Church of England primary school, St Botolph’s CofE primary school and another a Roman Catholic School, St Thomas More Catholic Primary School. There are 5 church schools listed for the East Midlands (3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools — note that William Gladstone CofE Primary School in Newark has since changed its name to the King’s Church of England Primary Academy). 

There are 12 church schools listed in the Southeast of England: 9 primary schools and 3 secondary schools. 1 primary school listed in the Southwest of England. 

Press reports on some of these schools reveal the possible influence of their promotion of LGBT ideology.  Kent Online reported, for example, in 2016 that St Simon Stock Catholic School, in Maidstone was forced to apologise to a pupil, Lily Madigan, from Chatham after sending the student home for wearing the wrong gendered uniform. Perhaps the school were also influenced into its decision to partner with Stonewall following this event.

Homosexual grooming has been reported as taking place at John Henry Newman Catholic College in Chelmsley Wood, which investigated a teacher, Gemma Becket, after a sexually motivated relationship was exposed in 2019 between her and a female pupil. Gemma was dismissed for gross misconduct and banned from teaching for 5 years, after it was discovered that the teacher had been sending the student gifts, emails and text messages. Parents were angry when they learned of the investigation as they had not been informed, and were further angered when they learned that Gemma had been given a non-teaching position at a university. Read the full article here – Birmingham Live

The information we have is from the web archive page showing content on Stonewall’s website in January 2019. Some schools may no longer be affiliated with Stonewall, whilst other schools have since been added. However, since Stonewall no longer publishes the list on its website, parents need to be vigilant.

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