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Evidence suggests political & ideological bias in RSE teaching

Evidence suggests political & ideological bias in RSE teaching

Association of Christian Teachers Unveils Report on the Treatment of Christians in Education


On 13th July 2023, the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT) announced the publication of its comprehensive report, ‘Is RSE teaching truly objective, critical and pluralistic?’ shedding light on the marginalisation of traditional Christian perspectives in RSE.


The report, the result of data collection from over a hundred Christian teachers, delves into the experiences of Christian educators and students across diverse educational settings. It examines issues related to religious freedom, respect for statutory guidelines, inclusion, and equity, aiming to quantify and illustrate the anecdotal evidence ACT often receives from Christians working in educational institutions.


The headline findings are:

  • Evidence suggests the existence of political and ideological bias in RSE teaching that disregards traditional Christian views on relationships

  • Christian teachers are being increasingly marginalised and often face unnecessary professional dilemmas when given the task of teaching contentious issues

  • Christian teachers are sometimes removed from RSE teaching because of their faith, raising concern that schools may be in breach of the Equality Act 2010


The report can be downloaded here

For more information, contact Association of Christian Teachers: 

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