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Government to be sued over RSE lessons!

Government to be sued over RSE lessons!

The Bad Law Project is attempting to sue the Department for Education for negligence on the grounds that it has failed to protect children. Dr Anna Loufti, Head of Legal at the Bad Law Project, claims PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Education Education) lessons are unlawful and are criminal, and says that what is going on in these lessons is “child abuse – mental, physical and sexual. It is child exploitation, and it is child indoctrination”.

Dr Loufti’s full speech can be viewed on this 12-minute video – PSHE as Currently Taught is UNLAWFUL and CRIMINAL – YouTube

The Bad Law Project contends that PSHE “is not just poorly taught, or badly overseen, or misguided, or in need of revision or reform, it is unlawful and possibly criminal, and it must be abolished”. It is currently preparing a class action suit to be brought by 10 parents who claim their children were encouraged at school to socially and medically gender transition, and the teachers even “kept their children’s gender switches a secret” from them. Dr Loufti claims that this was “at considerable cost to both the children and their families’ mental and physical wellbeing”.

Dr Loufti condemns the pushing of “gender ideology” in schools, which has been facilitated by the DfE, contending that since gender reassignment is something that is currently lawfully only available for adults, it should not even be discussed with minors. The category of “gender reassignment”, which is a “protected characteristic” under the Equality Act 2010, has been misleadingly confused with “gender identity”. Dr Loufti claims the Department for Education has ignored the many complaints from parents that gender ideology is causing their children great harm; and has allowed schools, local authorities and charities to indoctrinate children with this destructive ideology. The parents who are taking the legal action are having to remain anonymous for their own safety, which Dr Loufti claims is a consequence of the “pathetic state of free speech in this so-called democracy”.

The Bad Law Project’s second argument is that the Department for Education has ignored the sexual exploitation of children, since schools have increasingly been sexualising children through, for instance, teaching them about exploring their intimate body parts and masturbation. Teaching resources used in schools clearly “encourage sexual arousal, stimulation and pleasure” in children. An article published recently by ParentPower covers examples of such materials and can be found here – New evidence of schools using horrifying sex-ed resources on our children – Parent Power

Dr Loufti further explains that “even though technically PSHE is legally mandated, as practised, it is against the good laws of this country, laws that exist to protect children and uphold the child’s and the parent’s right to a family life, which is protected under article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights”. She further claims that the Department for Education has “failed to uphold its duty of care towards children in schools, a duty that is rooted in its public law powers. It has failed to prevent political indoctrination, in breach of the Education Act of 1996”. The Bad Law Project is calling for the complete abolition of PSHE on the grounds that it is primarily being used to indoctrinate and abuse children.

Encouragingly the story has gained coverage in the national press, including the Daily Mail — see Parents of trans pupils plan to sue the government | Daily Mail Online.

We fully support this legal action and wish every success to The Bad Law Project, the parents taking this suit and their children (the PSHE victims) as they fight for justice. The Bad Law Project are seeking financial support for their campaign, having a target of £125,000 to raise, of which they have so far raised £51,000. They also need parents to sign their petition, and you can help with this by clicking on this link – Asleep At The Wheel (

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