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Call to Action!

Call to Action!

Urgent Call to Action from Safe at School:

Contact your MP now about Parliamentary debate on RSE and parents’ rights

There will be a debate in the House of Commons on Monday 25 February at 4.30pm on:
‘Give parents the right to opt their child out of Relationships and Sex Education’

  • Please alert your MP to this debate, if you live in England.
  • If you know your MP is pro-family, please urge him/her to be in the House of Commons and to speak on that date in favour of giving parents the right to take their child out of Relationships Education (RelEd) in primary schools and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in secondary schools, when these subjects come into schools in England in September 2020. There will not be a vote at this stage, but the debate will still be important and influential.
  • You may decide to write to your MP regardless of his/her stance on this issue. Please make it clear to your MP that this is about parents’ rights to bring up their children according to their own values.
  • Tell your MP that you support the right of parents to withdraw their children from this subject. Some of the reasons why parents must have the right to withdraw their children are:
    • Teaching children about relationships is primarily the job of parents, not the school or the State.
    • Schools could teach that certain sexual lifestyles which undermine natural marriage and are against the values of the child’s family are beyond criticism. (Please see the latest Safe at School Bulletin)
    • Schools could teach about gender in a way that confuses children about the reality of their biological sex and its moral and social importance.
    • Children could be exposed to sexually explicit material and their parents will be powerless to protect them.

The debate has come about as a result of a Parliamentary petition, organised by the StopRSE campaign, gaining over 100,000 signatures. You can still sign the petition here if you have not done so already. To send an even more powerful message, with even greater numbers, please do still also continue to encourage new people to sign it.

Many thanks to all our supporters who have responded so far to our postcard campaign calling on the Secretary of State for Education to give parents the legal right to withdraw their children from compulsory RelEd and RSE. There has been a tremendous response. Please do continue to order and distribute these postcards to all who will support parental rights.

For further information you can also visit our main campaign page.

Dr Tom Rogers

Safe at School


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