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Parental Rights Campaign

Parental Rights Campaign

Safe at School launch postcard campaign in defence of parental rights

Safe at School have launched a major campaign in defence of parental rights. The latest Safe at School bulletin, which you can view and download here, sets out the danger we are facing from two new compulsory school subjects: Relationships Education in ALL primary schools, and Relationships and Sex Education in ALL secondary schools. From September 2020, parents will have no legal right to withdraw their children from these lessons.

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You can view a short video about the situation parents are facing here .

There is one simple thing that you can do right now to make a difference:

Safe at School are launching a postcard campaign addressed to the Secretary of State for Education which is asking for parents to be given the right to withdraw their children from the new compulsory subjects. You can order postcards here.

Postcards make a big impact and we want as many cards as possible pouring into the Department for Education. Please encourage as many people as possible to send a card: parents, grandparents and all concerned citizens.

For further information please visit our campaign website:

Dr Tom Rogers
Safe at School

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