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Sex Lessons in Wales

The sex lessons pupils are forced to attend YOU may not have noticed it, but there is a quiet revolution under way in Wales. The innocuous-sounding Curriculum and Assessment Bill, which is slowly making its way through the Welsh Assembly, seeks to scrap all existing protections in relation to sex education and force every pupil…

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Love Not Lies

In 2009, 77 gender dysphoric children were referred for treatment to the NHS gender identity service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London. In 2018-19, that figure had risen to 2,590. Over the last decade, the UK has seen a 4,500% increase in referrals for children supposedly identifying as dysphoric and…

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32 Countries Sign Pro-family Declaration

In a welcome move upholding the family as foundational to society and promoting women’s rights and health, at a virtual ceremony on 22nd October 2020, thirty two countries signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration. What was truly ground-breaking, however, was the declaration that, despite arguments put forward by the UN, there is no international right to abortion,…

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ACTION ALERT: Parental rights under threat!

Please respond to Government consultation on home education by Friday 6th November In what may result in a further attack on parental rights, the House of Commons Education Committee is currently consulting on home education and the deadline is 6th November 2020. On 6 October 2020, the Children’s Commissioner informed the Committee that the Department for Education…