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What is being taught in Relationships and Sex Education in schools

What is being taught in Relationships and Sex Education in schools

In March 2021, MPs Miriam Cates and Danny Kruger launched the New Social Covenant Unit (NSCU) think tank, with a vision that politics should seek to strengthen families, communities and the nation.  Since its launch, the NSCU has been active in a range of important issues.

Following on from the launch of the new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum by the Government, both Miriam Cates and Danny Kruger were quick to recognise the problems occurring in schools . The tireless and fearless work of many individuals and organisations who have been exposing what has been happening in RSE in schools, along with the concern and courage of the two MPs resulted in their commissioning the report: “What is being taught in Relationships and Sex Education in our schools? – A call for a government review” . The report, published in March 2023, states that the “nation’s children are being put at risk” by teachers with “a radical ideological position on sex, gender and sexuality” who are “monopolising the RSE sector in the UK” . It was presented to the Prime Minister alongside a letter signed by almost 50 Conservative MPs urging him to launch an independent inquiry as well as a question to Mr Sunak in Parliament from Miriam Cates.

You can find the report here.

The courage of Miriam Cates, resulted in the Prime Minister taking action and requiring the urgent review of RSE. In addition, we are waiting for the review of guidance for schools on transgenderism, which has been consistently delayed. Much of the inappropriate teaching and the harmful school culture stems from the gender identity ideology which underpins nearly all RSE resources, and which leads to schools socially transitioning pupils, often without parents’ knowledge.


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