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Angry parents shut down “Drag Queen Day”

Angry parents shut down “Drag Queen Day”

New Mills Secondary School in Derbyshire has now gone back on its recent decision to hold a “Drag ’n’ Rainbows” day. According to The Daily Telegraph, the school had asked Seb Samuel, who is also known as “Aida H Dee” — an LGBTQ+ children’s author, who runs Drag Queen Story Hour — to attend the school for a ‘Pride Day’ and was going to run a workshop on mental health and suicide. A letter was sent out to parents in May asking them to encourage their children, as young as 11, to attend school on the 16th of June wearing something that would “express themselves” — “a Tutu or a full “Drag” outfit was proposed as appropriate. Also, according to The Daily Telegraph, the letter to parents — from New Mills senior science teacher, Thomas Robertson and Headteacher, Heather Watts — stated that “drag is an art form that is fundamental to the LGBT+ community that challenges the norm as a celebration and as a form of protest”. The school received a heavy number of complaints from outraged parents, and from some staff members, who were clearly concerned with what the event would encourage. Some parents and staff also went further and informed the national press about the event, which the headteacher then swiftly cancelled when the story broke.

The “Drag ’n’ Rainbows” event attempted to go completely beyond recognised standards of child safeguarding; according to Daily Mail Online and The Daily Telegraph, Tracy Shaw, from the parents’ group Safe Schools Alliance UK, said, ‘We are extremely concerned that a drag queen has been invited to talk to children about suicide”. Discussions with children about suicide need to be handled with extreme care and only professionals are meant to handle such topics. It wouldn’t give most parents any reassurance that a sensitive topic, such as suicide, would be presented in such an inappropriate way by having someone who’s stage name puns on the mental health condition “ADHD” (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and who, according to The Telegraph, posted on social media about “orgies”. It also cannot be denied that holding such events would also encourage early sexualisation, since Drag Queen attire is highly sexual in its form of female caricature. The planned event also tried to enforce a one-sided view of transgenderism, as the letter to parents stated that the purpose of the event planned by the school was entirely political, as it stated it was “a form of protest” for LGBT+.

Children all over the world are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character during the annual World Book Day in March. The purpose of World Book Day, and having the children dress up as characters from books, is to promote reading and creative writing to children. Encouraging children to dress up as Drag Queens, therefore, can be considered as a similar form of promotion, in that it aims to change attitudes and influence behaviour, except in this case the school’s agenda was to promote and encourage Transgenderism. Even a school holding an event that allows children to “express themselves” through their dressing up conflicts with the long-established principle in education behind the wearing of school uniforms, which is intended to promote equality. School uniforms are supposed to prevent schools from becoming a fashion show, with pupils from disadvantaged background feeling marginalised. School uniform is very costly for parents and is enforced in most schools. So, we’re paying hundreds of pounds to ensure pupils all look equal, while schools want to have “freedom of expression” days! That perhaps wouldn’t be such a bad idea, if it was genuine “freedom of expression”, rather than the freedom only to support LGBT ideology. 

It is reassuring though to hear about true “parent power” at work, and that parents, as well as staff, took steps to complain and pursue the cancellation of this appalling event by going to the press. It is, however, extremely concerning that parents and staff had to go to such measures to protect their children in the first place. Luckily, in this case, the school was so confident about being “right on” that parents were informed of the event. However, in too many schools now “pride” and all things LGBT are promoted to children as part of the course, and they wouldn’t even regard it as worth mentioning to parents. Often parents only hear about such woke events after their child has come home from school and told them about their school day. In this case the school required the assistance of parents in the cross-dressing of their children — and parents, as I’m sure many of the children themselves, were simply not having it. 

Please have a look at the latest video on the Christine Institute website which explains why the teaching of LGBTQ+ ideology is so threating to children – “The LGBT movement and God’s Word. Salt and Light in Education” Salt & light in education pt2: RSE, Pride & trans ideology in schools – The Christian Institute

The video discusses what schools are actually required to teach and shows how schools often go beyond what’s required, often combined with a narrow-minded view of equality which excludes people who disagree. It also shows some of the resources which are currently being used in schools that encourages gender fluidity. 


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