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Schools using Stonewall resources

Schools using Stonewall resources


In 2016 Stonewall issued a new anti-bullying resource for primary schools, with the express aim of ‘preventing and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying’.    It had already developed a range of resources offered to older children  ( ), but this was something new – an attempt to stop ‘the problems’ before they started.

As inducement to use its materials, Stonewall offers schools free training, resources, and teaching programmes, together with attractive posters and badges, to be displayed in schools and given out to children.  They also suggest further fun activities celebrating diversity, that all can enjoy together.  Excitingly, schools that participate can also win a Stonewall Champion award at bronze, silver and gold levels, along with the right to display the CYPS (Children and Young People’s Services) Champions logo in the school.

No-one can deny the value of an objective, impartial, comprehensive and professional approach aimed at tackling the problems of bullying. Stonewall’s anti-bullying resources are now widely used in an increasing number of schools across the country, including faith schools. Stonewall have partnered with the Church of England to tackle ‘homophobic bullying’ in their schools and they have also influenced and endorsed resources published by the Catholic Education Service. However, by Stonewall’s own admission these resources are not objective and comprehensive, but are focused exclusively on tackling and preventing problems faced by LGBT children. This makes them appear no more than an overt, and politically inspired, project to promote and normalise LGBT behaviours and life-style choices amongst the nation’s young.

According to a report by Statista last year, attitudes towards sexuality accounted for 10% of all reports of bullying, with the main causes being appearance and clothes related (  Despite all that is said about helping vulnerable children, therefore, the aim is not child protection, but the embedding of ideology.  Any child that attends a school using these resources will be subjected to an intense programme of ‘re-education’, to ensure unquestioning acceptance of what should more properly be classified adult life-style choices –  to be made after a child has grown up and become capable of forming their own opinions without outside pressure.

ParentPower is currently compiling a list of schools in the UK that use Stonewall materials.  Parents are invited to consult the interactive map to check on the status of schools in their area.

Our list is not exhaustive, and if there is a school known to you using these materials and not included, please let us know.   Please also let us know about schools you have come across using more comprehensive resources that you would recommend.


For your interest:  ParentPower recently made a Freedom of Information request to the Department for Education, asking if they had a list of schools using Stonewall materials and designated Stonewall Champions.    They replied they do not keep such a list.

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