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Gender Ideology and our Children

Gender Ideology and our Children
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Family Education Trust  have recently published a new booklet which will help alert parents, teachers and others to the promotion of the transgender agenda in schools.

Covered in the pages of this short but incisive booklet are the following topics:

  • The nature of gender ideology
  • The dramatic rise of transgender identification among young people
  • Shocking testimonies of parents, teachers and school governors about the promotion of gender ideology in schools
  • The London primary school where all 6 Year pupils are required to “understand the difference between transgender and transvestite”
  • How local authorities have encouraged schools to deceive parents about their child’s gender identification
  • What parents and teachers can do to oppose gender ideology in schools
  • Why the law and the evidence are on the side of those who oppose gender ideology
  • A list of organisations you can contact for help in opposing gender ideology

All this and much more is included in this concise booklet. Less than 20 pages with eight photographs and illustrations, the booklet also contains “Key Point” boxes to highlight some of the most important points.

Gender Ideology and Our Children can be downloaded for free from the Family Education Trust (FET) website at the following link:

Hard copies can be purchased from FET for just £1 a copy.