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Covid-19, RSE ? – What now?

Covid-19, RSE ? – What now?

A Headteacher’s Perspective on what should happen now with RSE/RSHE in the light of Coronavirus

The nationwide lockdown abruptly halted most parental consultation processes concerning the new RSE curriculum scheduled for implementation this September. If a recent Parliamentary response from schools minister Nick Gibb MP (4th May) is anything to go by, this has so far not resulted in the Government announcing any delay to the deeply controversial and dangerous programme of state-sponsored child grooming in schools – despite the fact that schools are reeling from the consequences of closure, online schooling, safeguarding vulnerable children, and remaining open for key-workers’ children, while at the same time having to cope with many staff furloughed and, in the independent sector, with the loss of income from fees.

Any sane assessment of the issue would prompt postponement of the introduction of RSE, as it will seriously overburden schools that will struggle from September to restore children’s learning and try to fill the gaps from a lost summer term. Never mind the fact that the consultation was mandatory and, in most cases, will not have been completed in an adequate way — but all that appears so far to count as nothing, just as parents’ concerns across the land, constituting the majority opinion in two public consultations and headlined by the school protests by Muslim parents in Birmingham, have counted as nothing

This is all about the imposition of a sexual ideology on children that has nothing to do with true education, safeguarding, human rights or the welfare of children and families.

The Department for Education in its total commitment to LGBT ideology (exemplified by the permanent fixture of a large Rainbow flag draped at the centre of its Sanctuary House headquarters), and with its acolytes in the publicly funded Stonewall, Mermaids and other extremist organisations, will ride over even the law of the land to impose its views on the nation’s families via their school indoctrination programmes.

But the Department for Education ploughs on at its peril. Recent cases against Warwickshire and Oxfordshire councils show how Government policy itself is open to legal challenge. A judicial review on the legality of pushing the new compulsory subjects through when proper parental consultation has had no chance to be completed in time is being initiated. Parentpower will shortly be publishing lists of schools who self declare themselves as ‘Stonewall champions’ so parents may avoid sending the children into these grooming factories, or those schools who adopt similarly depraved programmes peddled by the likes of Educate & Celebrate and No Outsiders.

Heads of School would be advised to ensure they have spare management time come September to deal with the queue of parents asking for their civil rights to withdraw their children from sex education classes as the law permits.

But above all the recent experience of lockdown has taught countless families that home-schooling is neither impossible nor unacceptable.

The numbers home-schooling were already increasing before lockdown, with religious reasons appearing more frequently as the motive for withdrawal. The Department for Education would be wise to consider their intemperate drive to indoctrinate the nation’s school children, as it may well lead to the disintegration of the school system, with capitation income down due to home-schooling, increasing law suits against schools, education authorities and the Department for Education, and test case after test case on religious rights under the law. The Government, in fact, has achieved the previously impossible feat of uniting the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths into an integrated opposition to their children being forcibly taught to honour unnatural practices directly forbidden by their scriptures, teachings and traditions – as well as being injurious to personal health and society. Such burdens will be landing daily on Headteachers’ desks in the form of Withdrawal Requests – which, by the way, must be agreed to by law in Primary Schools without cavil or condition.

This lost summer of lockdown will be followed by a winter of discontent and a spring of lawsuits. Pity the poor Heads! Pity the poor teachers who shy away from teaching this material! Pity above all the poor children, snared and entrapped in a deeply unpleasant and unnecessary game by grown men and women who, in their obsession to have their way of life made into an idol of approval, are willing to sacrifice a whole generation of school children to this selfish and self-serving end.


Edmund Matyjaszek
Priory School of Our Lady of Walsingham

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