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Welsh Parents Challenge New, Compulsory Sex Education

Welsh Parents Challenge New, Compulsory Sex Education

Four mothers are suing the Welsh Government over a proposal to make Sex Education lessons compulsory.

They represent over 5,000 parents and grandparents across Wales. In 2020 they formed the campaign group – Public Child Protection Wales

Welsh Ministers insist the new curriculum, is “developmentally appropriate” for children, but campaigners say the topics are “inappropriate” for primary pupils.

Chair of the campaign group , Kim Isherwood, said: “It’s dangerous and it absolutely infuriates me. I’ve always fought for children’s rights, but they’re removing my right to protect.” “The new mandatory element also means that every child, aged 3-16, must take part … It cannot be avoided by anyone and there are no rights for parents to request information on what will be taught, at what age, or to ask that their child sit out.”

The new guidance includes the idea that pupils explore ‘sexual attraction’ and not just the biology of sex.

The Welsh Government guidance states: “Learners can explore how relationships, sex, gender, romantic and sexual attraction and personal experiences may shape and inform a person’s identity and individuality… [and] how and why attitudes have changed and are changing including towards gender and sexuality diversity.”

Lucia Thomas, part of the Public Child Protection Wales team, said: “The very first time I heard anything about sex education coming in for children as young as three my heart skipped a beat and my stomach churned … School is a place to learn about vital biology, learn how to develop relationships with both sexes and to develop respect. But, as parents, we believe what is happening here is the sexualisation of children, not their education.”

According to Daily Mail Online the parents have instructed international human rights barrister Paul Diamond to represent them and legal papers have been filed at the High Court in Cardiff.


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