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“… we shall make the West so corrupt, it stinks.” Willi Münzenberg

“… we shall make the West so corrupt, it stinks.” Willi Münzenberg

It would appear that this prediction by Willi Münzenberg, German communist and one of the founders of the now infamous Frankfurt School, is reaching fulfilment.To take a recent example, according to a recent report in The Times, most schools, including some leading independent schools such as Wellington and Brighton College, have now adopted gender-neutral uniform policies.  The aim, it is claimed, is to allow children to wear clothes that “most reflect their self-identified gender” (

How thoughtful, I hear you say – but what’s Willi Münzenberg got to do with this?  The answer is simple – if, to many, unpalatable.  Normalising and promoting gender choice for vulnerable children, by definition exploring who and what they are and their place in the world, can only heighten their confusion and further intensify the climate of moral ambivalence that has been steadily growing in the West.  An ambivalence that is direct result of the focused attack on our civilisation, first orchestrated by Bolshevik intellectuals in the early part of the last century, as they attempted to impose Communism across Europe and the wider world.

Let’s be honest, such a policy has nothing to do with child safeguarding and protection.  Rather, it is the promotion and normalisation within society of adult sexual preferences and orientations by LGBTQ activists – which behaviours were, until very recently, labelled perversion.  In short, what we are seeing is the latest manifestation of a covert endeavour to bring about regime change, on this occasion through the manipulation of children who lack the necessary intellectual and emotional development both to assess the validity of what they are being taught and to defend themselves.

But back to the Frankfurt School, because the policies put forward then are directly relevant to the situation with which we find ourselves faced today.  In the immediate aftermath of the 1917 revolution in Russia, the Bolsheviks had confidently expected that Communism would spread throughout the rest of Europe.  But, to their shock, this didn’t happen, so Lenin, by that point firmly established as the head of government, set up what was called an Institute of Social Research to find out why.

Comprised of Marxist intellectuals, the group rapidly identified as the main problem the Judaeo-Christian legacy, which they said was underpinning Western Society, giving not just structure and form, but hope and purpose to ‘the common man’.   To pave the way for global Socialist revolution, therefore, they devised a complex psychological strategy aimed at bringing about complete destruction of the values and institutions on which Western society rested, targeting specifically the family, which they saw as one of the main building blocks for society … and religion.

It was a strategy specifically designed to produce mass hopelessness and alienation, destroying faith in God and any idea of transcendent purpose that might provide some sort of unifying force for society as a whole.  Their ideas, however, didn’t find universal approbation and Stalin, when he came to power, expelled the group for being too extreme.  Hence the groups removal in 1923 to Frankfurt … where they continued their diabolical work.  As part of this, and in order to facilitate social psychosis and enable control, they advocated such things as the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children; mass provision of contraceptives to school children; breakdown and destabilisation of the family; promotion of mass immigration to destroy national identity; control and manipulation of the media; destabilisation of the legal system; and the dependency of all individuals on the state.  All of which they aimed to bring about by the exploitation of what Lenin had previously branded ‘useful idiots’ – influential people susceptible to persuasion, who would be encouraged to endlessly question the system and, on the back of that, promote ideas that would foment chaos and ultimate collapse.

There are many such ‘useful idiots’ today, and none more so perhaps than those calling for the normalisation and promotion of gender choice for children.  We are seeing, in fact, a deliberate attempt to undermine our culture, and it is dangerous.  Not just to children, who are the immediate victims, but to all of us.

Most people know intuitively the extreme peril of promoting such ideas – most parents indeed feel anger at what they recognise to be the attempted exploitation and indoctrination of their children.   But it is not enough just to recognise the problem. We must act now, and speak out to stem the decline.

It is time for all of us to wake up and reject this covert and insidious manipulation of the nation’s young by those who seek to sow subversion and destroy society as we know it, in order to substitute and establish their own regime.


Rev Lynda Rose


Rev Lynda Rose is founder of Voice for Justice UK, a group which works to uphold the moral values of the Bible in society.

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