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Transphobic Bullying – how big a problem is it?

Transphobic Bullying – how big a problem is it?

The C of E has issued revised guidance to its Primary schools aimed at stopping transphobic bullying.The description is disingenuous. According to the NSPCC, almost all children experience bullying at some point. The main causes are identified as: religion; special educational needs; disability; being in care; low socio-economic status; young people whose mothers had higher educational qualifications; family structure, including step families; changing school; and school characteristics e.g. children receiving free school meals, or special learning. ( ).

Only 5% of bullying at most is reportedly related to gender orientation or expression.


The conclusion is inescapable: the emphasis on ‘transphobic’ bullying – which is statistically minimal – is a means of indoctrinating children into the ideologically rebranded sexuality of LGBT and transsexual activists.
Instilling in children the idea that gender is separate from biological sex is confusing and damaging. Research already shows that feelings of so-called gender dysphoria are more commonly a symptom of existing mental health issues, autism or depression, which disappear when the primary cause is treated. But equally, sensitive children will inevitably start to question their own identity if told biology doesn’t matter, because it’s all how you ‘feel’.
Adolescence is already a minefield because children don’t know who they are, or how they ‘feel’, so this can only make things infinitely worse. Rebellion against authority, often manifesting in outrageous behaviour, is a child pushing boundaries precisely because they’re trying to define themselves. Giving them puberty blockers, sex change drugs, or reassignment surgery is not giving caring and compassionate support. Rather, it is imposing on children an artificial dogma designed to reinforce the rebranded sexuality of activists seeking to reconfigure Western culture.
Bullying is a very serious problem, and attempts to deal with it are to be applauded. But let’s stop trying to pretend that bullying is confined to, or especially about, sexuality and gender, and deal with the far greater range of problems that can and do make some children’s lives a misery.
The emphasis on transphobic bullying is an ideological assault on children who lack the emotional experience, awareness, and intellectual development to resist. It is abuse, and the C of E should be ashamed of itself. Any supposed attempt to deal with bullying should focus on bullying as a whole, and not be hijacked so as to focus on altering sexual dispositions.

Lynda Rose, CEO VfJUK

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