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Sex/Equalities legislation = “child abuse”

Sex/Equalities legislation = “child abuse”

Theresa May’s sex and equalities legislation is “child abuse”

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on the long march of the LGBTI agenda, you will know that its activists escalated efforts to indoctrinate the youngest of schoolchildren into accepting their ideologies in 2018, and this has continued unimpeded in 2019. This is despite the fact that the vast majority of the country and particularly parents and grandparents are appalled at the transgender agenda already being foisted on children in many schools.

This is set to get worse when Theresa May’s government implements compulsory LGBT-inclusive Sex and Relationships Education in all schools from September 2020. Tens of thousands of parents have already removed their children from state schools to avoid their children from being exposed to sexualised material at an age which is far too much, too young, and many more are considering doing so over the next year. In a legislative pincer movement however, the Conservative-In-Name-Only government took the unusual step of supporting a Private Member’s Bill from a Labour peer which would have regulated home schooling in a far more intrusive manner than it currently is.

The excuse for this was to stop Islamist parents from bringing their children as jihadis, but there is no evidence that this is happening with home schooling, which should not be conflated with unregulated Islamic schools and madrassas where problems of radicalisation do exist. Christian, Jewish and social conservative parents suspect that the real reason for supporting intrusive checks on home schooling is to attack parents who want to remove their children from state schools to avoid indoctrination by militant LGBT and transgender activists. Seemingly, no child is to be allowed to escape the normalisation and celebration of genderqueer theory and the ‘modern family’.

The ideology of the modern family is a diabolical piece of social engineering. Over the last 50 years since the Western cultural revolution of the 1960s, the traditional family model of married parents with children has been systematically and progressively undermined. This has occurred by normalising cohabiting couples, then single parents, then adoption by homosexual couples, and the introduction of same-sex marriage. Coming down the line is polyamory, where three or more people who are male, female or any other of the 66 newly contrived genders can get married. This is already legal in Colombia and Canada recently allowed a ‘polyamorous family’ to adopt a child.

The ideology of the modern family is a diabolical piece of social engineering.

Now that marriage has been redefined in the UK by David Cameron, and alternative lifestyles and arrangements have been mainstreamed, the cultural Marxist infiltrators in charge of the modern British educational blob have declared that children must learn about ‘modern British values’ and hence the ‘modern family’. This flies in the face of both conservatism and religious belief, and specifically the Judeo-Christian principles upon which the United Kingdom was founded.

It is a well-established fact that children who grow up in a family with a married mother and father have far better life-outcomes on average that those who don’t. They have better educational and employment success, form more stable relationships in adulthood, and have far lower rates of depression, suicide, self-harm, substance abuse and criminality. There are always exceptions to the rule who are wheeled out in mainstream media debates, but the bell-curve of success is weighted far more towards success for these children, and tragically, far more towards poor life outcomes for children in modern, alternative arrangements.

To point this out, however, risks receiving a torrent of abuse from the very Cultural Marxists who have imposed this new world order on our children, and demand that all types of family are not just tolerated but celebrated, and normalised to the youngest of primary school children against the wishes of most parents, especially parents of faith.

Transgender activists are also taking control of educational governance on a granular level. Rather than teaching children the sound, self-evident scientific fact that there are two sexes: male and female, which are determined by anatomy and chromosomes, children are being told that they are gender-fluid or gender-neutral.

This has given rise to the bizarre claim in Brighton and Hove schools that boys can have periods. It has also seen a 4000% rise in children being referred to clinics with gender dysphoria, whereafter they are given puberty blocking hormones, cross-sex hormones and ultimately surgery to remove their breasts or genitals. All of these children who are given cross-sex hormones will be sterile and will never have children of their own, despite the fact that 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls naturally grow out of it. Paediatricians are calling the normalisation of gender discordance “child abuse.”

The legislative forces behind all of this are the Equality Act 2010 and the Children and Social Work Act 2017.

The Equality Act is one of the greatest misnomers in British law: it should be known as the Inequalities Act. One would imagine that a comprehensive law on equality would enshrine equal opportunities for all individuals. This is not at all its purpose. It is a legal manifestation of Cultural Marxism. It defines a set of protected characteristics, and requires that people with these characteristics are treated more favourably than others in order to correct contrived and non-existent institutional and societal injustices.

Classic Marxism views the proletariat as being oppressed by the bourgeoisie. Cultural Marxism translates this thinking into cultural terms, and considers that women are oppressed by men, homosexuals are oppressed by subconscious heteronormativity, black, Asian and minority ethnic people – collectively labelled as BAMEs – are oppressed by white people, transsexuals are oppressed by cis-normative nature and so on.

The Equality Act is one of the greatest misnomers in British law: it should be known as the Inequalities Act.

This is the thinking behind the Equality Act 2010. It is toxic, divisive and destructive but has become endemic in almost all of our institutions.

In particular, Section 149, otherwise known as the Public Sector Equality Duty, requires all public sector bodies to ‘pay particular regard’ to groups with a protected characteristic, and to ‘foster good relationships’ with them. This has given rise to an army of ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ officers, lawyers and consultants, who spend their lives ensuring compliance with the Cultural Marxist ideology behind the Equality Act, rather than doing something useful with their time like building houses or growing food.

Currently, such officers in most schools have amended their policies with particular regard to sexual orientation and gender reassignment. Religious belief is also a protected characteristic, but in the hierarchy of protected characteristics, some are more equal than others. Ironically, it is possible for parents to push back against LGBT indoctrination using the Equality Act citing religious belief as a protected characteristic, but they must be extremely dynamic, determined and organised to do so. Parent Power is an online resource which helps parents to do so.

A group of mainly black Christian parents withdrew their children temporarily from a primary school in Croydon in protest at a ‘Pride march’ for 5 to 11-year-olds. The Head-teacher was forced to scale down her plans but not before the parents were slurred as bigots and homophobes for protecting their children from inappropriate sexual ideologies.

In another poignant case, a Charedi Jewish father is bringing a court case against the Secretary of State for Education for the right to bring up his own children according to Orthodox Jewish faith. Orthodox Jewish schools have been singled out for targeting and demonisation by Ofsted under the tenure of Theresa May’s fake-Conservative government, with several failing Ofsted inspections and threatened with closure for not teaching young children about transgenderism.

It is a terrible indictment of Theresa May’s administration that the persecution of Orthodox Jewish schools in the United Kingdom is now so great that hundreds if not thousands of Jewish families feel they now have to flee the United Kingdom to escape the totalitarianism of militant LGBT activists and their indoctrination of children. Yet this indoctrination is continuing apace, and despite the obvious and overwhelming opposition from parents, grandparents and even many schoolchildren themselves, Section 34 of the Children and Social Work Act 2017 combined with the Equality Act 2010 is going to force these ideologies into all schools including primary schools.

Primary school children should not have to be affected, confused or burdened with the sexual ideologies of fringe groups of adults. It is absolutely wrong that this is happening, but it is happening on the watch of the so-called Conservative government. Children should be left alone to enjoy their childhood, free from sexual ideologues.

The fake-Conservative government is now in no way conservative.


David Kurten

(David Kurten is a UKIP London Assembly Member)


This article was first published in Rebel Priest –

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