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Open Letter to the PM – End political exploitation in schools by Stonewall

Open Letter to the PM – End political exploitation in schools by Stonewall
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The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP 

Prime Minister
10 Downing Street


Dear Prime Minister, 

Political exploitation by Stonewall and safeguarding issues in schools  

We the undersigned are concerned by the large number of Government departments reportedly severing ties with Stonewall, following accusations of unacceptable intimidation, bullying and harassment of those who disagree with their views (Stonewall Facing Exodus ).  As part of this, the “charity” has been accused of taking an extremist stance and providing unlawful and highly inaccurate advice on equality law. 

On their website (May 27th 2021), Stonewall stated: We will continue to campaign and lobby governments to change laws that do not ensure equality for LGBT people, or laws that do not go far enough. We will ensure that laws already in place to protect LGBT people are not rescinded. We will work with governments and others to improve equality for trans people … and work with national bodies to ensure LGBT-inclusive policy across sectors ….” And they finish up, ‘We work … to empower institutions as advocates and agents of positive change’ (Stonewall’s mission and priorities).  In other words, Stonewall is and always has been a self-defined political organization, expressly working to bring about change in the law, and in society at large.  But only now, it appears, are the tactics it uses to achieve these ends becoming realised. 

From its foundation in 1989, Stonewall has produced resources for use in schools aimed at making all educational establishments “LGBTQ+” inclusive.  It has been highly successful in this, and its materials are currently specifically recommended for use by the Department for Education in the Government Guidance on implementation of the RSE Regulations (Department for Education recommends Stonewall).   

Use of these materials must stop.   Section 406 of the Education Act 1996 prohibits the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in schools  

(Education Act 1996 – Political indoctrination… ).  Though granted the privileges of a charity, Stonewall is not just a self-avowed political organisation dedicated to the promotion and normalisation of LGBT+ values and life-style choices, but it now stands accused of seeking to impose and embed extremist, unlawful and medically inaccurate views so as to promote its highly dubious agenda. 

Under the cloak of diversity and misnamed inclusivity, such materials must not be allowed in schools.  We call for their immediate removal and for government funding for their production to be withdrawn.       

We also call for urgent review by the Charity Commission into Stonewall’s charitable status.  Charity law states that a ‘political purpose’ cannot be a charitable purpose’ (Government rules – What makes a charity? ).   In view of Stonewall’s expressed aims and objectives, we call therefore for their charitable status to be revoked.   


Yours sincerely, 

Revd Lynda Rose, CEO, Voice for Justice UK 


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