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Schoolgate Campaign

Schoolgate Campaign

The new Relationships and Sex Education bill has been voted into law, despite the many negative responses to the government consultation. A cynic might think that the consultation has been a mere formality, the government having already decided to impose an adult sexual agenda on vulnerable young minds.

Parliament has certainly been deaf to the voices of those presenting factual evidence showing that the direction sex education is taking will do anything but promote the health and well-being of our children.

Even if you think that the government usually has our best interests at heart, at the moment it is listening to a loud minority that advocates a radical sexual ideology. At the same time, it is ignoring the views of millions of dissenting, ordinary people.

It is clear most schools will not be taking the initiative to inform parents of what will be covered in their new RSE curriculum. There have already been instances of abuse of trust and authority – and that’s before the new curriculum has its first teaching.

There is only one line of defence left for our children. We need to alert and inform all those who wish to protect our young from harmful sexual indoctrination. Schools need to be held to account for every single item of inappropriate content they propose to deliver.

So how can we mobilise parents, carers and other concerned individuals? It’s not possible to do this through the mainstream media, as it supports the new curriculum. There are, however, organisations with online sites providing support, but people need to know how to find them.

The only way to connect many people with these resources is to let them know directly, where they are, one on one. That may seem like a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. After all, we know where we can find parents, for example. They will be picking up their kids from primary school every afternoon.

Through a simple leaflet that highlights some of the key issues with the new RSE curriculum, concerned parents can be encouraged to consult with their schools and directed to organisations ready to offer help and support. Half an hour at the school gate with a friend is all it takes to inform potentially hundreds of families.

So that’s what School Gate Campaign aims to do: spread the word to parents and carers about the serious problems of the new RSE curriculum. It will reassure them that they are not alone and direct them to where they can get advice on holding their school to account, with the aim of protecting their children now and for the future.

Acting together will prove an unstoppable force to secure parental rights, sound education and the safety of our children. Join us.

This article was written by the team at Schoolgate Campaign


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