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Safe at School vows to stand by parents as Welsh Government removes rights

Safe at School vows to stand by parents as Welsh Government removes rights
Safe at School, a leading parents’ advocacy group, has condemned the Welsh Government’s move to make Relationships and Sexuality Education a compulsory school subject in all schools in Wales. From 2021 parents in Wales will no longer be able to withdraw their children from lessons on relationships and sexuality
Calling the decision a ‘fundamental breach of parental rights’, Safe at School said that parents in Wales will be ‘powerless to protect their children’ from teaching on LGBT+ and other sensitive matters.
Antonia Tully of the Safe at School campaign said: ‘This is a staggering move by the Welsh Government. 88.7% of those who responded to their own public consultation last year said that parents should be able to withdraw their children from LGBT+ classes’.
‘Once again, parents are being totally ignored. The Welsh Government has effectively taken over the education of children and teenagers in the sensitive and intimate areas of human relationships and sexuality. This is the task of parents, not
the state. And critically parents are being denied their right to bring up their children in line with their own beliefs and values’.
‘Safe at School will be supporting and advising parents in Wales about what they can do to work with schools to make sure that the new subject does not expose their children to unacceptable and inappropriate teaching.’
Antonia Tully also said: ‘Parents are also under attack from Ofsted. Their Chief Inspector, Amanda Speilman, is now criticising the Government for not doing enough to stop parents from protesting about teaching on relationships which they find unacceptable’.
‘Parents are being turned into the enemies of their children, as well as the state. If our governments were serious about equipping children for life in 21st century, they would be harnessing the support and active engagement of parents. Parents know and understand their children best. Let them teach their own children about relationships and sexuality.’ For further information contact Safe at School on 020 7820 3141 or

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