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RSE – Get it Right!

RSE – Get it Right!

On June 1st, The Values Foundation launched ‘RSE – Get It Right!’, an education initiative supporting parents, schools and local authorities across England, to ensure children are taught time-honoured, established values within Relationships and Sex Education which will be compulsory in all schools from September 2020.

As reported elsewhere on Parent Power, during the past year Relationships and Sex Education has been piloted in a number of “early adopting” schools in England. There have been disturbing reports coming from parents in some schools regarding issues such as the early sexualisation of children as well as the promotion of controversial ideologies. Alongside this, there have been various distortions by some schools and local authorities regarding what is legally required to be taught in RSE.

RSE – Get It Right! encourages schools to focus on building the foundations of strong relationships including trust, commitment, restraint, respect, and responsibility whilst showing sensitivity to different lifestyles. It clearly distinguishes between what is and what is not compulsory in RSE.



Those who follow the guidance in RSE – Get It Right! will be providing children with the best start in relationships education in modern Britain.

Early reviews have been very positive:

“This is excellent and something which everyone ought to be able to agree on…”

“A must for parents, schools and local authorities..”

“A helpful and clear website with tips on what you should look out for..”

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