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RSE – Action Alert!

RSE – Action Alert!

Please Respond to Government RSE Consultation
by 7th November 2018!

The fundamental human right of parents to raise their children according to their own beliefs and values is at great risk. Please respond by 7th November 2018 to protect children in English schools from anti-life and anti-marriage Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), and from being indoctrinated with state-sponsored LGBT ideology. Help protect the parental right of withdrawal from sex education.

The Department for Education has published its Draft Statutory Guidance (for schools in England) on the content and delivery of the new subjects of Relationships Education (Primary), Relationships & Sex Education (Secondary) and Health Education.

Some of the most concerning aspects of the new Draft Regulations and Guidance (for English schools) include: 

  • Parents’ lose their ‘right of withdrawal’ — Parents now have NO legal right to withdraw their children from ‘sex education’ at secondary school. The parental right of withdrawal has been replaced by a ‘right to request withdrawal’. In an affront to parents, the decision over whether a child can be withdrawn has been given to the head teacher.
  • LGBT inclusive’ — The children’s programme of study is expected to be ‘LGBT inclusive’ throughout and present homosexual relationships and family structures in a positive manner, including at primary school. Teenagers will be encouraged to ‘explore’ their developing ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’.
  • Real marriage is sidelined — Redefined to include ‘same sex marriage’ (and on a par with Civil Partnerships), marriage is simply presented as one possible relationship option. The emphasis is on the diversity of different ‘healthy’ relationships and family structures.
  • Promotes abortion and facilitates underage sex — Secondary school children will be provided with comprehensive ‘non-judgemental’ information on contraception and abortion. They will be signposted as to where and how to obtain contraception and abortion services without parental knowledge or consent. Carrying an unborn child to term is presented simply as one of the possible options when pregnant, alongside that of having an abortion.
  • Parents are sidelined — The role of the school, teachers and the State has been greatly expanded into areas up to now considered the rightful and natural territory of parental responsibility. The new compulsory subjects (including Health Education) attempt to cover virtually every aspect of the child’s moral formation, health and well-being. This will further undermine and discourage good, conscientious parenting.

Safe at School Consultation Briefing Now Available 
The Government’s Draft Statutory Regulations and Guidance on the new subjects are now open to public consultation, and the deadline for submissions to the consultation is 7th November 2018

SPUC Safe at School have produced an accessible, easy to use briefing and guide to responding to the consultation, which is available to download here where you can also access the consultation itself.

Please use this important opportunity to make a stand and help protect our children and parental rights. Your submission will make a difference.

Dr Tom Rogers
SPUC Safe at School Campaign



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