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Respond to RSE Consultation NOW!

Respond to RSE Consultation NOW!

ACTION ALERT: Respond to Government RSE Consultation by 11th July

ParentPower briefing NOW AVAILABLE 

In May, the Government announced its long-awaited, revised Draft Statutory Guidance for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education. Certain additions and changes to the Guidance represent a very positive step in the right direction, such as a prohibition on sex education being taught before Year 5, parents having the right to view all RSE resources, and a stipulation that schools should not teach contested gender theory. However, we still have a number of concerns and there are areas where the Guidance needs to go further, such as granting parents a full right of withdrawal from Relationships Education.

Alongside the new guidance, the Government launched a public consultation which is still open, with the deadline for responses being 11th July.

ParentPower has now published a briefing for supporters on how best to respond to the consultation, which you can view and download here

It’s very important that as many as possible respond with recommendations to improve the Guidance, as well as affirm what is good in it. Even if there is a change of Government following the General Election, a strong response on behalf of parents will still be influential.


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