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Parents Protest Pride Parade

Parents Protest Pride Parade

According to the London Evening Standard, a Croydon primary school was “forced to hold an event celebrating ‘Pride’ in private after a group of parents threatened to protest at a playground parade.”

Heavers Farm Primary School was planning an LGBT event featuring a “Proud to be Me!” parade at the school watched by families. The school said it “wanted parents to join in celebrating ‘the rainbow of things that make them and their family special’”.

Many parents objected, with one saying her son – who is under ten years old – is too young to be taught about homosexuality and transsexualism, so the public parade was axed at the last minute on Friday.

Susan Papas, Headteacher of the South Norwood school, admitted some parents were concerned. She told the Standard: “Some parents have taken exception to this. They feel the school is shoving LGBT issues down the kids’ throats.” However Ms Papas added, “This takes us back decades. We thought we would celebrate Pride month so those children from LGBT families would feel included and to show the kids that children come from different families.”

According to the Croydon Advertiser one parent said: “We were given this whole story that it was all about having pride in yourself, but that’s ridiculous. There were rainbow flags around the school, and the kids were even told to wear bright colours. That’s not having pride in yourself, that is blatant support for LGBT. I am not homophobic, but my faith teaches me a certain set of beliefs, and I do not want my child’s school making her choices for her.” She went on to say that she felt as though her child was being forced to believe certain things by teachers, rather than going to school “and learning academic subjects like maths, English and science.”

This comment reflects the growing concerns of parents up and down the country regarding the forceful advance of the LGBT ideology in our schools. But what is most encouraging in this story is how ordinary parents can make a difference in their child’s school!


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