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Parent Power Coronavirus Update: What now for school RSE consultations?

Parent Power Coronavirus Update: What now for school RSE consultations?

To all our parents and supporters,

We hope and pray that you and your families are keeping safe and well during this present time of difficulty. For many of us who are parents the enforced closure of the schools means that we are now having to seriously try our hand at home-schooling for the first time. If that’s the case with you then we hope that you are managing well and also enjoying spending this extra time with your children and overseeing their academic learning.

Maybe all this will kickstart a new trend in education in the UK, especially with much of the madness that is being imposed on our school system, including the compulsory Relationships & Sex Education coming into force this September? We shall see. Either way we know home-schooling, for various reasons, is not an option for everyone (or will even necessarily be safe from government interference) and so we will always continue to fight to safeguard your parental rights, as well as the protection of yours and the nation’s children.

The coronavirus crisis has meant that many of the planned campaigns and activities of the organisations we support have had to be put on hold for the time being, but rest assured that Parent Power are still available to provide you with information, advice and support should you require it. If that’s the case then do get in touch with us on 01865 575245‬ or email .

School RSE Consultations in England

Many of you may be wondering what’s going to happen about all the school RSE consultations with parents that should be happening in the Spring/Summer terms (if they havn’t already been been undertaken) in preparation for September 2020. By law all schools in England must consult with parents before either making or revising their RSE policy, and the statutory guidance further states that parents should also be consulted regarding content and the resources to be used.

We are not aware as yet of any official direct instructions to English schools regarding this matter. Therefore it is very important that parents still contact their childrens’ schools to enquire what plans they are putting in place for their statuary parental consultations. Further information about how to go about engaging with your child’s school can be found in the briefings below. Schools may, for instance, be planning to hold these consultations online and using the change in circumstances to plan better ahead for the new subjects. The Government has already announced that it is making online RSE training and resources available for teachers from April 2020.

Although parents will of course need to be understanding about certain pressures school staff may be under at this time, it is not unreasonable for parents to seek information and/or reassurance about this important aspect of their children’s education. We will certainly be pressing the Government to take appropriate action (such as restoring the right of withdrawal and/or delaying the implementation of the new subjects) should the statutory process of consultation be significantly disrupted.

Resources Available

In order to inform you about the changes coming into force with regards to Relationships & Sex Education, and to help you engage with your children’s schools, you will find the following publications and resources useful:

Safe at School, Important Information for Parents on RSE (February 2020)

Christian Concern, RSE: What parents and schools need to know

SRE Islamic, Parental Guidance Series Videos,

RSE Authentic, Faith and Family Resources

See also our own ‘Advice for Parents and Teachers’ section, including The Civil Rights of RSE

For many of us, this is a time we can use to become as informed as possible for the battle ahead, as well as to continue to pursue the best for our children in the here and now. Do contact us for the further support and advice,

Keep safe & all the very best

The Parent Power Team

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