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Our Kids Being Taught What?!

Our Kids Being Taught What?!

Our Kids Are Being Taught What?!  – Part 2

Conference – Saturday 22nd February 2020

‘But what can I possibly say?’ Evidence and arguments about sex, gender and relationships: Getting the message across to the next generation.

TIME & PLACE:  10.30-5.30 (registration and coffee from 9.30) at St Luke’s, Ryfold Road, Wimbledon Park SW19 8BZ.

ABOUT:  This is the second in a series of conferences organised by Anglican Mainstream on sex, RSE [Relationships and Sex Education], culture and youngsters, entitled ‘Our kids are being taught what?!’ It is also being supported by Parent Power and other concerned organisations.

This conference locates the falsely reassuring, but partly or completely untrue, messages targeting our youngsters today about sex and relationships. We unpack the various claims made and expose the myths, as well as promote what is healthy, good and life-affirming. We want the best for our young!

Included is Counter Argument Training or CAT, which analyses, models and equip delegates in how more effectively to deconstruct the ‘have you stopped beating your wife yet?’ kinds of arguments.

The conference welcomes all concerned adults.

Shops/cafes nearby for lunch or bring sandwiches; light refreshments provided. There will also be various stalls to browse/buy.

Cost: Paid up MSC members free. Tickets: £25; concessions: £10.

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8.30 Invited organisations to set up stalls
9.30 Registration and coffee
10.30 Morning sessions: see below
11.55 Morning coffee
12.10 Morning sessions cont
1 to 2 Lunch
2 Afternoon sessions: see below
4.20 Afternoon tea
4.40 Afternoon sessions cont
5.30 End

10.30 Morning session ONE

Intro: Challenges of comprehensive sexuality education [CSE] and the young LSN

To pushback we expose fraudulent LGBT/sex claims used to legitimise CSE

  • Jesus, Paul and sex: John Nolland [pre-recorded]
  • Sexual ‘orientation’, ‘born gay’: Robert Harris
  • More on ’born gay’ and gay suicide: Dermot O’Callaghan [pre-recorded]
  • Schools and gay bullying: Tom Rogers

11.15 Morning session TWO

  • Answering the questions: Is CSE age-appropriate? Is CSE social engineering? Is CSE healthy?
  • How CSE damages the young: War on Children clips
  • CSE: ideological—the Marxist approach to human development clips

11.40 Discussion in clusters: Unpacking, analysis, making it personal

11.55 Morning coffee

12.10 Morning session THREE

  • The Social Impact: We are losing basic freedoms: Tim Dieppe
  • Practical: My child has just come out: what to know, what to say? Mike Davidson [live via skype]

12.30 Q&A with speakers and panel of experts

1pm Lunch

1.50 More clips of Miriam Grossman on child development and the risks of sex for youngsters

2pm Feedback: What is the most important thing you have heard today?

2.10 Afternoon session ONE

  • Moral Foundation Theory; ‘full inclusion’ clips and SSM ‘equality’: LSN
  • Counter Argument Training: MSC
  • Practical: Preparing children for life in modern Britain: Lynda Rose
  • Schools and RSE: Lynda Rose and Ed Matyjaszek

3.05 Discussion in clusters: Unpacking, analysis, making it personal

3.35 Comfort break

3.40 Afternoon session TWO

  • ‘Smashing heteronormativity’ clip with panel of experts
  • Delegate responses

4.20 Afternoon Tea

4.40 Afternoon session THREE

  • School Gate Campaign: Susan Mason
  • Campaigner: Adrian Ruffhead
  • Drag Queen events HO
  • Activist Mommy clip
  • Delegates: organizations; actions; regions; practical

5.30 End

Speakers: Mike Davidson; Tim Dieppe; Robert Harris; Susan Mason; Edmund Matyjaszek; John Nolland; Lisa Nolland; Dermot O’Callaghan; Tom Rogers; Lynda Rose; Adrian Ruffhead

Panel of Experts: Belinda Brown; Sid Cordle; Alison Davies; Paul Diamond; Elisha Kolade; Azhar Mahmood; Tony Rucinski; David Skinner; Andrew Symes; Alan Williams

Stalls: Anthony Hodgson and Abundare; Core Issues Trust; MSC/AM; CBR; VfJUK; School Gate Campaign; Christian Concern, SPUC Safe at School

PDF of event 

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