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No matter what the apologists say, paedophiles are perverts

No matter what the apologists say, paedophiles are perverts

‘LET’S not mince our words – this is the greatest evil of all,’ warned Calvin Robinson on the most watched news show in the West. Tucker Carlson had invited his guest to discuss the latest subversion of societal norms: the nascent phenomenon of the ‘minor attracted person’, or MAP.

Search on Google for ‘minor attracted person’ and the curated top result is a brief document entitled Supporting Minor Attracted People on a website virtuously called The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, run by Timothy N Fury, a pseudonymous ‘survivor of child sexual abuse’.

This supposedly helpful document is yet another attempt to sanitise paedophilia by making the incredible claim that ‘the majority of those who actually abuse children are not sexually attracted to them’. (To dispel any doubt, this refers to sexual abuse, not other types of mistreatment). Sexual attraction to children is not inherently problematic, according to Fury, whose mission is to reduce so-called stigma, because ‘everyone does better with support, and minor attracted persons are no exception’. This is the classic language of victimhood, that cleverly turns attention away from the victims of adult sexual interest – children – and from the real problem that may well be the outcome of sexual abuse itself – a mental illness.

On the website home page, Fury answers the question ‘do you support paedophiles?’ thus: ‘I support those with a sexual attraction to children who wish to remain law-abiding (minor attracted people), and I support making help more widely and readily available to those with this attraction. I do not support the minority of these people who seek to change age of consent laws or otherwise seek to make sexual activity with children acceptable.’

A tactic of those promoting this perversion is to sanitise it by manipulating language and distorting thought as though in the name of a higher good: MAPs are not paedophiles because they don’t actually have sex with minors. Miranda Galbreath, a sex therapist working with jailed sex offenders, regards the term paedophile as a ‘judgemental, hurtful insult’. 

This isn’t the first attempt at making child sex attraction acceptable. The Paedophile Information Exchange, founded in 1974, campaigned for abolition of the age of consent. During a Labour administration, PIE neared official acceptance, being supported by future government ministers Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt.

PIE was disbanded in 1984 and was retrospectively described by the BBC in 2007 as ‘an international organisation of people who trade obscene material’.

 The very idea that ‘minor sexual attraction’ should be ‘supported’ is totally unacceptable. Yet this movement has tentatively resumed, re-invented as an identity group seeking inclusion in the alphabet soup of LGBTQ+. Currently, this is a step too far even for the likes of Owen Jones. But as any social conservative would suspect, it is the thin end of the manipulative and bullying wedge. Any degree of tolerance will eventually lead to full acceptance, and then mandatory teaching in schools. Consider the ‘drag queen story time’ now being pushed on young children in libraries and primary schools. Many people naively equate it with pantomime, ignoring the passive aggression that is always involved or the fear, anxiety and discomfort this must engender in children. There seems to me little doubt that these exaggerated performances of subversive gender ideology are nothing less than state-sponsored grooming of kids for sexual interest from adults. This is a relationship of unequal power, the key characteristic of abuse.

This is what the MAP mantra ‘love is love’ seeks to disguise aims and to break the barriers down with, in pursuit of a protected status under the Equality Act. If this is achieved, critics of this perversion will risk arrest. Watch the policing of a drag queen protest and counter-protest, and it is obvious which side the authorities are on. Parents are deterred from protesting by the risk of social rejection for perceived bigotry, and the real prospect of arrest.

The direction of travel is clear. Standards for sexuality education in children up to six years of age, issued by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health, are inappropriate in content while undermining parental responsibility.

Similarly, a UN document International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education, emblazoned with the Great Reset ‘sustainable development goals’ logo, blatantly primes kids for sexual identity politics. Catch them young, as the Jesuits and Lenin practised.

MAPs may be more numerous than you think. In 2018 the Times ran a story on ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, long before he was president and before any excuse of cognitive impairment.  A catalogue of video evidence shows Joe Biden’s unusual proclivities for sniffing girls’ hair and touching them inappropriately. For a fuller list of public figures with a penchant for intimacy with children, we await the contents of convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s black book.

Optimistically, the clever MAP construct may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In Serbia a hundred thousand marched against a huge Pride rally planned in Belgrade, achieving its cancellation. The very awake rap star Zuby (who has an Oxford first in computer science), has tweeted ‘Upcoming inversion agendas that sound crazy to most, but are being worked on: – pedophilia as a mere sexual orientation’

He is right: we are being worked on.

We have lost our backbone in Britain, but if MAP gains inclusion in the LGBTQ complex, we have to find it again. It will inescapably be time to make a stand, and to insist on removal of the multi-coloured flags and gender-neutral toilets. What caring parents of a young boy or girl would want him or her sharing a toilet or swimming pool changing room with someone sexually attracted to children, operating under the contrived MAP pseudonym?

Niall McCrae

This article first appeared on the Christian Today website and is used with permission.

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