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    Introduction to Horizontal Casting Graphite Dies
    Horizontal continuous casting is mainly applied for copper and copper alloys production, esp. billets.
    Graphite dies are key parts of horizontal continuous casting machines and directly affects quality, production efficiency and cost of copper alloys billets.
    Advantages of Horizontal Casting Graphite Dies
    ● Cost-effective Graphite Material Solutions
    Zibo Yinxuan develops different grades of graphite material specific to pure copper, copper zinc alloys, copper tin alloys and copper nickel alloys, with comprehensive consideration of performance and utilization costs.
    ● Precise Machining and Mirror Surface
    There are integral and modular types of graphite dies. Zibo Yinxuan ensures Mirror surface and dimensions within tolerance to fully meet design requirements for both types.
    ● Special Treatment
    Regarding graphite dies applied for copper zinc, copper tin and copper nickel alloys etc., Zibo Yinxuan is capable of improving its properties of non-infiltration, anti-oxidation and anti-abrasion through purification, impregnation and coating treatment ways. Application proves that the performance after treatment is largely improved.
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