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    Product Instruction
    The machine is composed of main body, screw shaft, screen and driving train. All process material is stainless steel, this machines is to dewater the material, save energy for drying process.
    Product Advantages
    1 Smooth running without vibration, easy operating and maintenance.
    2 Continually operating
    The machine is widely used in light product, agriculture industries, especially for starch and alcohol, to dewater the corn fiber, cassava fiber, which contains big content of moisture, and decrease the power consumption for drying process.
    Technological Process
    specifications and models
    corn fiberfeeding capacity before dewatering(t/h)4.5~6.75.75~8.67~10.59.16~13.75
    Material moisture(%)85-90
    Discharge after dewatering(t/h)1.6~1.82.1~2.32.5~2.83.3~3.7
    Product moisture(%)58~63
    Project Cases
    Dewatering Press