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    Our History
    We are a company that engaged in the production of electrical products for 20 years.
    Through research and development銆乵arket development銆乸roduct improvement and other ways, our company has a deep understanding of all kinds of low-voltage electrical products; A lot of customers like our products very much;
    Our company involves in multiple industries, with a number of branches, staff quality, work standards, to provide customers with quality products and services, the annual output value of more than 10 million.
    Our Factory
    Our factory is located in Yueqing area of Wenzhou,Zhejiang province, China, which has convenient transportation and developed industry.There are known as the “electric capital” of China.
    We have several branch factories, and we produce different products with the help of industrial clusters. The total number of employees is more than 30.
    Our Product
    Electric energy meter, surge protector, ac contactor, high voltage transformer, knife switch, Intelligent product銆?Smart door lock, Air circuit breaker, socket etc.
    Product Application
    Low voltage electrical, high voltage electrical, switches, intelligent products.
    Our Certificate
    Surge product device test report, electricity meter test report, all kinds of test reports, safety certificates and certificates, etc.
    Production Equipment
    Injection molding machine銆丳ad printing machine, Calibration benchPunch, High pressure detection equipment銆乸lastic-envelop machine.etc.
    Production Market
    Our products are sold in all regions of China, in 30 provinces.
    Our Service
    First response:ZHNXH team will be take fast zction for customer experience.We guarantee to rep;y your email in less than 24 hours in working days
    Product supply:In addition to providing regular products, we can also assist you with the products you need according to our large database.
    Production Management:Safest elecyrical products is our priority in production and we will update production duration to enable customers plan the stock accurately.
    Quality & Risk management: We ensure the high quality standard by industry-specific expertise and execute sample approval for every new business.u
    Transportation management:We have long-term logistic partner to enhance the stability of transportation and well manage potential shipment risk with China Sinosure.
    After-sales service: if you encounter any technical problems in the use of the product, such as problems that cannot work normally or cannot be installed, we will provide answers to common problems on the official website outside, or you can consult us online. We will have professional technical consultants to solve your problemWholesale Three Phase Prepaid Smart Meter