• Frank posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Installing Appmia requires a bit of stealth on your part too because you need to have the phone with your for a few minutes so you can get the phone’s identification number in the battery and install the software. But once you’ve gotten past this part, everything is easy.

    First, you have to log into your Appmia account. On the Configuration menu, you have to enter the phone’s identification number. After, you can install the software on the phone by going to a URL which Appmia will provide. Once it’s accessed via a web browser, a program will automatically be installed on the cellphone. If you’ve read your fair share of Appmia reviews, then you know that the consensus is that it’s really easy to use! Appmia is undetectable—it leaves no traces. There are no icons that show the program running or any alerts or sounds. It’s all stealthy and invisible so the holder of the phone won’t b any wiser.

    There are those who will say that all of the advertising is just for a Appmia scam that promises everything but delivers nothing. This is not true. I’ve personally used to monitor my children’s activities. It’s not about being unable to trust them; it’s more of a safety issue. And, once Appmia went into action, I’ve been able to sleep better at night. So does Appmia work? My answer is a resounding yes!

    If you’re in need of a reliable spying software, then look no more. All the Appmia reviews agree: this cellphone tracking software is light years ahead of all its competitors!