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    1.Dissolved Air Flotation Systems is a relatively new international water treatment technology and a major breakthrough in air flotation and water purification technology.
    2.It changes the static water intake and dynamic water outlet into dynamic water, intake and static water outlet.
    3.And the “zero velocity” principle makes the stagnation time of the sewage in the Dissolved Air Flotation Systems only 3-5 minutes, and the purification rate is greatly improved.
    Technical parameters
    Product detail
    Original: Jiangsu, China
    Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001.
    Price: Negotiable
    Material: SUS304/Q235/PP
    Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand
    Payment term: TT, LC
    Delivery date: Negotiable
    Packing: export standard
    Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America
    Warranty: 1 year
    MOQ: 1 set
    Dissolved Air Flotation Systems is widely used in municipal wastewater and papermaking wastewater, wastewater from pulp and paper making, printing and dyeing, chemical, chemical, food, wine, leather, oil refining, pharmaceutical and other industrial wastewater treatment. In many cases, it can be used instead of Biochemistry and can be used only by first grade physicochemical treatment to achieve the purpose of reusing or reaching the standard discharge. It is pretreated in the waterworks.
    Dissolved Air Flotation Systems are mainly used in these fields
    1. The total content of heavy metal ions such as zinc, copper and lead in electroplating wastewater is below 50PPM, and the removal rate can be above 70%.
    2. The color removal rate of dyeing wastewater is about 90%, the removal rate of COD is about 60%-70%, and the removal rate of BOD is about 50%.
    3. The COD removal rate of food slaughtering and tannery wastewater is about 70%, and the removal rate of suspended solids is about 90%.
    4. The oil from the refinery wastewater can be reduced to below 10 mg /L, and the wastewater can reach the level of clarification.
    5. For chemical wastewater and pigment paint, the removal rate of COD is 74%, and the color removal rate is about 93%.
    6. The fiber recovery rate of paper making white water can reach about 95%, the COD removal rate is about 86.7%, and the clean water is completely recycled.
    7. The turbidity of the big pool bath water can be stabilized below 10 degrees, and the bacteria in the water have decreased considerably.
    8. The turbidity of drinking water and industry can be purified to below 5 degrees, and has a good effect on the reduction of chromatic oxygen consumption.
    Experience and markets
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