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    About Product
    Polycarbonate injection molding service uses Polycarbonate plastic as material.
    FacFox has the privilege of serving customers from a broad range of industries including medical devices, consumer products, automotive, aerospace, defense, and industrial to name a few. With more than 20 years鈥?experience, we have seen a huge variety of projects from each of these industries, giving us a foundation to work from on every new project to quickly arrive at the appropriate mold design and injection processing parameters. More importantly, we understand the context and differences in product development for each of these industries, giving us an advantage in addressing the specific needs of each customer.
    Properties & Specifications
    鈼?High impact resistance
    鈼?Good flammability performance
    鈼?Dimensional stability
    鈼?Chemical resistance (PC blends)
    Common Applications
    鈼?Business Machines
    鈼?Consumer Products
    鈼?Medical Products
    鈼?Mechanical GoodsMultishot Injection Molding in China