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    Cyromazine 1% Premix
    Available composition:
    Cyromazine, a systemic insecticide and an insect growth regulator which is effective against fly larvae and leaf miners.
    Mode of operations:
    Cyromazine 1% Premix has been taken as medicine by feed additive. Its available composition disperse stool by the chickens alimentary canal, it functions in grub period of fly’s growth, and prevent its normal growth from grub to pupa, then eliminate the flies.
    Cyromazine 1% Premix can be used on pulp-chicken, stud-chicken and egg-chicken, and it has no withdrawal time. Cyromazine 1% Premix has no bad effects to human, fowl, beneficial insects or other antitarget animal. Available composition of chickens stool cant effect growth normal of crop, and cant pollute the earth.
    Application scope:
    Cyromazine 1% Premix can effectively control all sorts of flies of threaten intensive animal breed farm, including musca domestica, stomoxys calcitrans, bright oblate flies and fannia canicularis. In addition, Cyromazine 1% Premix can control flea in chicken.
    Drug resistance:
    Cyromazine 1% Premix’s available composition is Cyromazine. Its structure differs from existing kill flies drug. It has no cross-resistance with other drugs, and it can control all kinds of drug-fast flies.
    Indication & Dosage:
    Mixed into the feed at the beginning of flys season.
    Add 500g of Cyromazine 1% into 1mt feed and then mix evenly. Use it in long-term.
    Cyromazine 1% Premix’s effect is quick, highly and safe. It will not affect the target animal’s production function, no pollution to the enviroment. Save times and labor for the farmers.
    25kg脳1%/ bag.
    Storage: Preservation under sun-shading, cool, dry and sealed place.
    Preservation period: 24 monthsFly-Control suppliers