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    Green Detergent Powder Color Speckle
    Type: Detergent
    Detergent Type: Cleaner
    Detergent Use: Apparel
    Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
    Color: Green
    Material: sodium sulphate speckles
    Shape: color speckles,powder
    CAS NO: 7757-82-6
    MF: Na2SO4
    EINECS No: 231-820-9
    Purity: 90%
    Company type: Manufacturer of color speckle
    Function: As decorative color speckles
    1.Can change the unicity and surface of detergent powder.
    2.Detergent powder factories are using color speckle and improve their competitive in detergent powder.
    3.are trend as decorate in international detergent market.
    4.are one of best popular products in washing powder market.
    Main Composition:sodium carbonate color speckles, sodium sulfate color speckle, bond materials, pigment.
    Color: Green color specklesChina Detergent Material suppliers