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    M30 plate heat exchanger
    The plate type heat exchanger is an ideal equipment for liquid – liquid, liquid – steam heat exchange.
    Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)
    Maximum Working Pressure: 1.6Mpa
    Measure: 2015mm*1125mm*2000mm
    Weight: 4380kg
    The assembly area: 230 m²
    Application: chemical engineering
    High Efficiency:
    Because of the pressed patterns in the plates and the relative narrow gaps, very high turbulence is achieved at relative low fluid velocity. This combined with counter directional flow results in very high heat transfer coefficients.
    Compact Size:
    As a result of the high efficiency, less heat transfer area is required, resulting in a much smaller heat exchanger than would be needed for the same duty using other types of heat exchangers. Typically a plate heat exchanger requires between 20-40% of the space required by a tube & shell heat exchanger.Plate Heat Exchanger