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    Our History
    LIAONING HAIHUA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been focused on lubricants products for over 27 years in China. We started as a small operation from 1992. Used to be HAICHENG OIL AND GREASE in 1992,and rename to be ANSHAN HAIHUA OIL AND GREASE CHEMICAL CO., LTD. in 1999, for purpose of company developing we come to be LIAONING HAIHUA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
    Our Factory
    LIAONING HAIHUA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. located in the Northeast of China, between SHENYANG and DALIAN. Shipping container to DALIAN port in three hours by truck, and one and half hours by train. We make great performance in lubricate oil and grease with world-class R&D center and high efficient oil grease workshop. Annual output oil ten thousand tons, grease nine thousand tons. Manufacturing capacity oil sixty thousand tons, grease thirty-five thousand tons. Base oil storage capacity one 5 thousand tons. Raw Material锛?000銕?nbsp;Finished Products warehouse锛?000銕?nbsp;Package Warehouse锛?000銕?nbsp;. Lubricants products cover Lubrication products cover metallurgy, mining, machinery, vehicles, wind power and other fields. The company has 17 patents for lubrication products.
    Our Product
    Lubricating oil: automotive engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, transmission oil, hot milling oil, machine oil Turbine oil, Grease: General purpose lithium grease, polyurea grease, calcium sulfonate grease, molybdenum disulfide grease, low noise grease. Extreme pressure grease .open gear grease.
    Product Application
    Metallurgy, Mining, Vehicles, Electricity, General Machinery, Normal industry,
    Our Certificate
    ISO 9001:2015 , IATF16949:2016, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001-2007
    Production Equipment
    8 Oil Production Lines, Section Heating Kettle 6-12m鲁 ,4 Oil Production Lines, Pulse Mixing Kettle 30m鲁.
    2 Ester Synthesis Oil Production Lines, Pressure kettle 7m鲁 , over 70 sets testing instruments.
    Production Market
    Products cover most of famous metallurgy, mining company, ANSTEEL, BAOWU STEEL, SHOUGANG, BENXI STEEL, SHAGANG, HBIS , SHANDONG STEEL, BAOTOU STEEL, occupy 70% marketing percentage.
    Our Service
    Satisfy different products with different production lines 鈥揳voiding cross-contamination, improve product quality assurance, and satisfy Small order, High precision, multispecies. Engineer site service, customer made products.CF-4 Diesel Engine Oil OEM